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 2011-2012 ePortfolios Consultants

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Nancy Wozniak - Learning Architect and ePortfolio Program Manager



I am an educator because I love learning.  When I learn, my students learn.  When my students learn, I learn.  I teach them; they teach me.   As long as I'm breathing, I'll never stop learning. 

Welcome to our corner of the world.  Feel at home to browse, reflect and comment.  We welcome your suggestions and information.  Please share your thoughts throughout the pages of our ePortfolio Showcase.




Eda Charmaine Gimenez - Digital Media and ePortfolio Consultant



My name is Eda Charmaine Gimenez and I am currently an undergraduate at Stony Brook University double majoring in Engineering Chemistry and Environmental Studies with three minors in Environmental Engineering, Political Science, and Materials Science.


As a student, I am interested in both global and environmental issues.  From contemporary issues and their policies to the sciences behind them all, my fascination with the world never ends.  Because of my incessant need to discover and experience new things every day, I have developed an interminable desire to learn.



Harshdeep Banwait - Digital Media and ePortfolio Consultant



I am an international undergraduate student majoring in Mechanical Engineering at Stony Brook University. This is my fourth semester here and I simply love the school and the faculty. I love 3-D desgining, I love cars and I really wish to design my own car and launch it in the market one day.


 I'm also interested in getting involved with the campus community, I'm on the eboard of the Sikh Student Association, I worked for sometime with Stony Brook Motorsports and I take part in events with the Community Service Club on Campus. I speak three different languages, which really helps me get around well at a diverse campus like Stony Brook. I love driving, working out and meeting new people too.


Rachel Koeth - Digital Media and ePortfolio Consultant



I am a bassoon enthusiast, excited by music and inspired by the people in my life!  


This is my second year of my Master's of Music Degree in Bassoon Performance.


I'm originally from Portland, Oregon, who left the West Coast to be near the Big Apple and the arts culture of the country.






Ansue Jacobs - Digital Media and ePortfolio Consultant



I am a Stony Brook University WISE student in the Information Systems major. As a junior this year, I have been finding my way and trying to prepare myself for the world beyond graduation. This semester, I have started taking upper division classes in my major which have only solidified my desire to work in the Information Systems field. I have started to prepare for the GRE and I am looking into graduate schools. As an intern at the Faculty Center this Fall 2010 I hope to learn a lot through my work and time at the Faculty Center.

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