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 2012-2013 ePortfolios Consultants

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Nancy Wozniak - Learning Architect and ePortfolio Program Manager



I am an educator because I love learning.  When I learn, my students learn.  When my students learn, I learn.  I teach them; they teach me.   As long as I'm breathing, I'll never stop learning. 

Welcome to our corner of the world.  Feel at home to browse, reflect and comment.  We welcome your suggestions and information.  Please share your thoughts throughout the pages of our ePortfolio Showcase.



Harshdeep Banwait - Digital Media and ePortfolio Consultant



I am an international undergraduate student majoring in Mechanical Engineering at Stony Brook University. This is my fourth semester here and I simply love the school and the faculty. I love 3-D designing, I love cars and I really wish to design my own car and launch it in the market one day.


 I'm also interested in getting involved with the campus community, I'm on the eboard of the Sikh Student Association, I worked for sometime with Stony Brook Motorsports and I take part in events with the Community Service Club on Campus. I speak three different languages, which really helps me get around well at a diverse campus like Stony Brook. I love driving, working out and meeting new people too.



Rachel Koeth - Digital Media and ePortfolio Consultant



I am a bassoon enthusiast, excited by music and inspired by the people in my life!  


This is my first year of my Doctor of Musical Arts Degree in Bassoon Performance. I am also a teaching assistant for the music department. 


I'm originally from Portland, Oregon, who left the West Coast to be near the Big Apple and the arts culture of the country.




Emily Madsen - Digital Media and ePortfolio Consultant






















Linda Milano - Digital Media and ePortfolio Consultant


I am a Business major specializing in Marketing and minoring in Journalism at Stony Brook University. I am a member of the Spirit of Stony Brook Marching Band where I play the clarinet. I have learned so much throughout my first semester as a Digital Media and ePortfolio Consultant and I look forward to working with the team to promote ePortfolio use campus wide!





Dillon Winegar - Digital Media and ePortfolio Consultant



I am a junior year Business major, specializing in Marketing, and Digital Arts Minor at Stony Brook.  This is my first semester as a Digital Media and ePortfolio Consultant and so far it has been a blast!  


I enjoy getting involved in on campus activities.  In my freshman and sophomore years I was an Undergraduate College Fellow for LDS, President of LDS Council, and a member of the Stony Brook Crew team.  



Daniel Ahmadizadeh - Digtial Media and ePortfolio Consultant



Daniel is a junior in the college of business specializing in marketing and finance. He is the founder of the Stony Brook Quidditch team and current head manager of the Stony Brook Men’s Basketball team. Daniel is a member of Phi Delta Epsilon and works as a Resident Assistant in Yang Hall. Additionally, he is the Marketing Manager for Studio 360- Architecture and Design.

Daniel is fluent in Farsi, French, Spanish, and English.





Junaid Rajani - Digital Media and ePortfolio Consultant 



I am a sophomore Biochemistry major at Stony Brook University. I enjoy learning and teaching. I am in the College of Leadership and Service and have been an instructor for both LDS 101, Intro to Stony Brook, and CHE 130, General Chemistry, classes. I am a big film enthusiast and I love watching movies! My future goal is to go to Dental School and eventually become a Periodontist. This is my first semester as an Digital Media and ePortfolio Consultant and I am looking forward to helping new ePortfolio users start and maintain their digital identity!






Joseph Cavera - Digital Media and ePortfolio Consultant


I'm a senior at Stony Brook University majoring in Environmental Studies and minoring in Ecosystems & Human Impacts and Writing. I currently tutor for the Humanities Writing Center and for the newly added PASS Tutoring program on campus. I love exploration, socializing, our environment, and the written expression. My hobbies include writing poetry, tennis, soccer, free-running, gaming, and snowboarding. While this is my last semester at Stony Brook, I hope to help other students and staff in the university manage their inspirations and experiences into a succinctly collective whole.



Alicia M. Elliott - Digital Media and ePortfolio Consultant 



I’m a sophomore studying Engineering Science with a specialization in Environmental Engineering. I have been a teaching assistant for SBC 114, Physical Geography Lab, and hope to TA engineering classes in upcoming semesters. I’m also a peer mentor for the College of Engineering and Applies Sciences.


I’m on the Stony Brook University Sailing team—I’ve been hooked since the first 
regatta I sailed in! In my free time, I enjoy running, high-adventure, traveling, creating art, and creative writing. Oh, and I’m obsessed with F. Scott Fitzgerald and Les Misérables. 



Michael Matza - Digital Media and ePortfolio Consultant


Michael Matza is a Technological Systems Management (TSM) Major with a minor in Information Systems. He plays guitar, bass, piano, drums, sings and plays anything but winds. Writing music and recording his band directly involves his management and communication skills which is directly related to his academic work. He is currently a TA for the Marketing for Engineers class in the TSM department. He looks to get business leaders on board for new technologies that will help improve their current business processes for a more cost effective, efficient system.


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.