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Amy Yopp Sullivan



About Amy Yopp Sullivan


Professor Amy Yopp Sullivan uses ePortfolio in the following courses: Movement and 

Somatic Learning (DAN 101), Contemporary Dance I (DAN 165), Laban Movement Analysis (DAN 203), Dance Improvisation (DAN 368), Body Mind Performance for Leadership Training (LDS 102)


When asked about the use of Publishing Platforms...


Why do you use ePortfolio in your courses? 

To follow the trajectory of student learning through writing, research, technical training, video and creative projects. The ePortfolio allows dance and movement students the unique opportunity to assess their development from images filmed on their own cell phones by partners in class. The class is designed to enhance somatic authority through the marriage of experiential knowledge and assessment skills. Somatic Authority guides students toward building skills of responsibility and assessment for learning. The ePortfolio captures and documents this kind of learning beautifully.


What is the benefit of ePortfolio to students? 

Students are able to follow the developments of their learning and to see the changes and growth in their behavior, movement, writing, reflections and technical training. Through the ePortfolios, students build a container to hold the collaboration of printed culture, visual culture and physical culture. The ePortfolio documentations point students to their own success and their own challenge within the whole action and loop of learning.


What are the benefits to you? 

The ePortfolios have offered a new way to approach and facilitate student responsibility and learning by honoring the visual/physical culture of today's students. I am able to hold the standards of building knowledge through creative means; while, at the same time, enable students to document their work and learning using a number of modalities.


What advice would you give to other faculty considering using ePortfolio?

I would suggest that faculty have early deadlines for the preliminary construction of the ePortfolio; and that they dedicate one class, early in the semester to have students trained to use the ePortfolio. I found that once students understand the technical opportunities of the ePortfolio, they find a perfect match for their expansive and expressive content.


Student ePortfolio Examples:

Asia Grant-Murray "I am currently 18 years old with the dream of being a lawyer. My major is philosophy and my minors are political science and dance. I have a passion for singing and dancing."


Jenna Wells "In March of 2014 I am heading to Panama for a medical outreach program with my peers. During my free time I enjoy dancing, spending time with my friends and family, shopping, and in the summer I will most likely be found jet skiing or enjoying the beach." Only viewable within the Stony Brook Community.


Jeffrey Tseng "I also choreographed the dance for its promotional video that parodied LMFAO's "Party Rock Anthem." Only viewable within the Stony Brook Community.


Melissa Pchelka "I have a passion for joining activities and participating in community service."


Tak Wong "Using critical thinking is vital to virtually every aspect of my education."


Gabriella Franza I started doing dance and gymnastics at age 2 and switched to being a competitive cheerleader throughout middle school and high school. After injuring my arm in a tumbling accident and taking a short dancing hiatus due to being in the Air Force Academy, I decided to take on a more jazz style technique and become part of the Stony Brook Dance Team and become a dance minor.


Tiffany Farrell "I am a junior at Stony Brook majoring in Linguistics on the TESOL track (an education degree to teach the English language to students whose native language is one other than English) and minoring in dance to pursue my true passion. I hope one day when I am teaching in a district that I have the opportunity to create or take over the coaching position of a dance team in the district or even coach at the collegiate level."


Michelle Fuller "I aim to incorporate my passion of dance and love of science into a career in Physical Therapy." Only viewable within the Stony Brook Community.


Valerie Kutzler "Effort, in terms of Laban, has to do with the movers’ attitude toward investing energy in the four Effort Factors." Only viewable within the Stony Brook Community.


Leah Henry "In the near future I plan on attending law school and eventually pursue a career in Entertainment/Corporate Law." Only viewable within the Stony Brook Community.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.