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Art ePortfolios


Jencel Aprille Abuan "After three years of trying many things, I've found that there are two things I want to remain doing for the rest of my life: art and helping other people."


Daniel Chung "Through my involvement, I have found my passion for interacting with others; life can be lonely if you don't put yourself out there! If life hands you an opportunity, take it!"


Samantha Bermudez "I have a Liberal Arts Degree in Humanities and Social Sciences from the Sam Draper Mentor Talent Honors Program at Rockland Community College. I am currently in the School of Business for a major in Business Management with a specialization in Finance and a minor in Health and Wellness. I am also an artist. I love to draw, paint, and have a passion for black and white film photography." Only viewable within the Stony Brook Community.


Barbara Whitaker: In 2004 Barbara Whitaker established Lumen Arts, a video production company. Since that time Lumen Arts has produced A Corner of the World, a short documentary about Shakespeare and Company bookstore in Paris, France, Homeless: Aftermath of Katrina, a documentary about survivors of Hurricane Katrina.


Lisa Pesok "I create...Sounds, Artwork, Solutions, Designs. I am...A Musician, A Designer, Ambitious, Curious about everything. I want to...be an ENGINEER."


Deanna Rohrbacher "My name is Deanna Rohrbacher and I am an Engineering Science major at SUNY Stony Brook.  I am very passionate about art, music, literature and fixing things."


Kathleen Yan has an ARS 201 and WRT 102 eportfolio. She is using blogging for her art course, which can be seen hereOnly viewable within the Stony Brook Community.


Jaimy George "...art doesn't have language barriers, it communicates effortlessly from one language to the next. It transcends time, living through multiple generations, while serving as inspiration to many!"

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.