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BME 440 & BME 441: Senior Design Projects


BME 440 Biomedical Engineering Design 

Introduction to product development from the perspective of solving biomedical, biotechnological, environmental, and ergonomic problems. Teamwork in design, establishing customer needs, writing specifications, and legal and financial issues are covered in the context of design as a decision-based process. A semester-long team design project follows and provides the opportunity to apply concepts covered in class.


BME 441 Senior Design Project in Biomedical Engineering 

Formulation of optimal design problems in biomedical and physiological settings. Introduces optimization techniques for engineering design and modeling for compact and rapid optimization of realistic biomedical engineering problems. Necessary conditions for constrained local optimum with special consideration for the constraints in which the product designed should function in terms of the settings (corporal, ex-corporal, biological, etc.) and the safety considerations involved which are unique to biomedical engineering. Students carry out the detailed design of projects chosen early in the semester. A final design report is required. Instructor Wei Yin Rubenstein


Non-Electronic Blood Pressure Assist Device "We utilize a collaborative team approach in solving all of our client needs. In the case of the non-electronic blood pressure assist device, a team consisting of 5 members has been created. All members have been delegated a specific task in the development process."


LivMD Patient Compliance Device "Our task is to design a structure that will attach to the already existing LivMD device and enhance its capabilities. It will provide physical support, increase patient compliance, and collect data that can provide their physicians with information relevant to diagnosis and treatment." Only viewable within the Stony Brook Community.


Pressure Gauge Glove "Our main goal was to create a device that could measure the pressure exerted by the fingers during hand exercises that wouldn’t take too long to process. We are targeting the clinics that have a high influx of patients, because they will use the devices the most."


Well Plate Cone Shearing Device "Our team developed one prototyping device throughout the course of this semester. Our prototype is a works like/looks like model considering it has the same functionality and size as the final product. The prototype resembles a quarter (1/4) of the final design." Only viewable within the Stony Brook Community.


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.