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CSE 334 ePortfolios


CSE 334: Introduction to Multimedia Systems: Survey of technologies available for user interfaces. Discussion of hypertext; voice, music, and video together with tools and models for capturing, editing, presenting, and combining them. Capabilities and characteristics of a range of peripheral devices including devices based on posture, gesture, head movement, and touch. Case studies of academic and commercial multimedia systems including virtual reality systems. Students participate in laboratory exercises and build a multimedia project.


David Fann "My name is David Fann and I'm a senior at Stony Brook University majoring in Computer Science with a specialization in Human Computer Interaction. I have always loved to learn new skills and traits and in the fast moving field of Computer Science there are always new and better tools to master. So take a look around my project page to see how I've used Blender (a 3D modeling tool) to create an educational video about how sound travels through a guitar." 


Zeb Aslam Here are a few facts about Zeb: She really like hats and has a different colored beanie for every day of the week. She also really like metal, hard rock and blues rock music and tries to attend at least one concert per month.


Jeanette Tang "I am a senior year health science informatics major. What is health science informatics (I get that a lot...)? Well, health science is a combination of information systems, computer science and biological sciences. Needless to say, I'll hopefully be designing and creating databases for the health industry! I am not a tech savvy person. SURPRISE! Although technology overall is my weakness, I enjoy learning about it and try to make it my strong point."


Qianling Lu "Since I have a passion in science field, writing sometimes challenges me more."


Andrew Timmons  "I am currently interested in game development, design, and programming."


Fiona Tang "To use graphics, video, and animation to illustrate the yearly event of the ball drop in Times Square."


Anthony Caggiano "My iOS game is called Planet Dodger. The goal is to avoid as many planets as possible and keep your rocket ship from crashing and exploding."

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.