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CSE 392 ePortfolios


CSE 392: Special Topics in Computer Science:

A lecture or seminar course on a current topic in computer science. Semester supplements to this Bulletin contain specific description when course is offered. May be repeated as the topic changes, but cannot be used more than twice to satisfy CSE major requirements.


Hanne Paine "As a woman in my third year of pursuing my Bachelor’s Degree in computer science, I’ve become accustomed to being one of three or four students of my gender in the classroom."


Rahul Sarna "Internet should be an open platform and users should not be forced to agree on any terms and conditions that opts him in his using his personal information.


Anthony Caggiano "My iOS game is called Planet Dodger. The goal is to avoid as many planets as possible and keep your rocket ship from crashing and exploding."


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.