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Information Systems Team Projects


ISE 391 Benevolent Computing

Course Description 

This class is also known as "Computing for Good". Students work to connect disadvantaged populations with information or technology through creation of database and mobile applications. Instructor Anthony Scarlatos.


Mobile Voter Application

This team of Information Systems students are working on a mobile voter app that connects Suffolk County college students with election and voting information. 

Awards: Model ePortfolio 2014 


Healthy By Nature Application

"The 'Healthy By Nature' team created a database application that works to raise awareness of products and remedies that are over the counter which can help people with their health problems."

Awards: Model ePortfolio 2014


erasEwaste "'The Digital Divide' and 'E-waste' are two related issues that negatively impact society. By collecting, refurbishing, and distributing discarded computational devices at Stony Brook University’s Property Control, we can begin to bridge the digital divide that most significantly impacts underprivileged children in the local area as well as limit the amount of E-waste Stony Brook University produces to better the environment"


Pet Finder Plus "Our project will use a crowdsourcing application that allows a pet owner to give their pet a "QR Collar".  In the event a pet is lost, anyone with a smartphone can scan the QR code on a pets collar and as a result a GPS location of that scan is marked in a database as well as quick response to both the pet owner and the vet."


Marine Animal Mobile Alert "Our objective is to create a mobile rescue app dedicated to reporting stranded marine animals. The application will enable people to take a photo of any animal they believe is in need of help."


Beneventures "The idea behind Beneventures is to assist the students in the Alternative Spring Break Outreach.  It will provide simple but helpful information to them about their service area, help to keep them in contact with those going, and help them blog or update their work in real time as they work."


ISE 323: Human-Computer Interaction

Course Description

A survey course designed to introduce students to Human-Computer Interaction and prepare them for further study in the specialized topics of their choice. Students will have the opportunity to delve deeper in the course through a course project, and through a two-three week special topic selected at the instructor's discretion. Course is cross-listed as CSE 323, EST 323 and ISE 323. Instructor Anthony Scarlatos.


Historastep  "As our project hopes to give some perspective about different historical periods, the intended clients would probably be museums and other historical organizations that are looking to give their visitors an extra peek at the times they can only so thoroughly illustrate with words and objects." Only viewable within the Stony Brook University Community.


Stimulus "Stimulus is a program masked as a therapeutic tool that is aimed at a college student audience." Only viewable within the Stony Brook University Community.


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.