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Cathleen Rowley

Professor Cathleen Rowley uses ePortfolio in WRT 102 (Intermediate Writing Workshop) and WRT 303 (The Personal Essay). 


When asked about the use of Publishing Platforms...


Why do you use ePortfolio in your courses? 

It is required in WRT 102 for end of the semester evaluation. I choose to use it in other classes as it is a good place for students to present their work and it is easy for them to provide links for digital stories.


How do students benefit from using ePortfolio? 

They have a place to display their work and to have a record of their work for their entire time at Stony Brook and beyond. They are given practice in learning about how their work appears to an outside audience (beyond me as their professor). It is easy to update it and easy to personalize it.


What are the benefits to you?

It is a good way for me to see their work as a whole (all essays and other works together). Also, when students ask me for reference letters a year or two after our class, I can revisit their work and get a reminder of what they have done.


What advice would you give to other faculty considering using ePortfolio?

It helps to create your own practice portfolios. It also helps to create a teaching portfolio to learn about how to work within and modify portfolios. It also is a good idea to have students do peer reviews of each other's portfolios to help make sure requirements are being met and all content is viewable.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.