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Dance 165 ePortfolios


DAN 165: Contemporary Dance I The fundamentals, technique, and history of modern dance. Basic principles of alignment, centering, placement, and modern technique are introduced. The historical component includes various styles within the field of modern dance, individual artists who have contributed to the field, and the place of modern dance in society and culture at large. Formerly offered as THR 165. Not for credit in addition to THR 165. 


Kayla Figetakis "My favorite hobby is to dance. Ever since I was little, I always loved music and dancing. My mother enrolled me into dance lessons and 15 years later I still love doing it. It's like a writer and his pen, I get to express myself through music and movement. Every part of me comes alive when I step out on stage and perform in front of many people." Only viewable within the Stony Brook Community. 


Catherine Ziegler "I have been dancing since I was 4.  I enjoy tap the most, but also do jazz, hip hop, ballet, pointe, and lyrical."


Patricia Medina "I generally come off as a calm, soft spoken, friendly person. I love to laugh and I always try to think positively in my life in order to stay sane. Something I like to do when I have spare time is read, which probably sounds really nerdy, as well as yoga! I mainly like reading fantasy and mystery books."


Asia Grant-Murray "I am currently 18 years old with the dream of being a lawyer. My major is philosophy and my minors are political science and dance. I have a passion for singing and dancing."

Amanda Demenescu "I'm of Romanian descent and born and raised in New York City. Biology's my major, writing is my minor so I am either always writing an essay or studying some science-related thing."


Melissa Beale "My name is Melissa and I'm a student at Stony Brook University with the dream of becoming a registered nurse. As of now, I'm enjoying life through my passion for dance and traveling."


Ariel Lynn Blackman "Fate can only bring you life and death. Living is up to you."


Cristian Jovanni Morales "I love communicating with people, I believe that every person is an open book to life" 


Jenna Wells "In March of 2014 I am heading to Panama for a medical outreach program with my peers. During my free time I enjoy dancing, spending time with my friends and family, shopping, and in the summer I will most likely be found jet skiing or enjoying the beach. "


Jeffrey Tseng "I also choreographed the dance for its promotional video that parodied LMFAO's "Party Rock Anthem."


Melissa Pchelka "I have a passion for joining activities and participating in community service."


Tak Wong "Using critical thinking is vital to virtually every aspect of my education."

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.