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Dance 203 ePortfolios


DAN 203: Laban Movement Analysis:

Investigates the fundamentals of movement through theories, principles and techniques represented in the written and embodied work of Laban, Bartenieff, Dell, and Hackney. Approaches from Body Mind Centering, Feldenkrais, Human Development, and Somatic Therapy/Education will also be incorporated. Students will study the interrelated processes of awareness, biological function and interaction with the environment through interplay of theory and practice. The goal is to perceive, describe and make meaning of human movement in order to decode and develop physical language.


Michelle Fuller "I aim to incorporate my passion of dance and love of science into a career in Physical Therapy."


Valerie Kutzler "Effort, in terms of Laban, has to do with the movers’ attitude toward investing energy in the four Effort Factors."


Leah Henry "In the near future I plan on attending law school and eventually pursue a career in Entertainment/Corporate Law."


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.