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Dance 368 ePortfolios


DAN 368: Dance Improvisation The practice of dance and movement investigation through discipline, spontaneity, and awareness. Skills in improvisation will be developed through creative projects and experiments in dance. Formerly offered as THR 368. Not for credit in addition to THR 368.


Michelle Fuller "I am a Health Science Major and Dance Minor and am part of numerous clubs and organizations such as Stony Brook EOP, Chi Alpha Epsilon and SBU Needlework for Charity. I grew up dancing from the age of 3. Like any other little girl, I begged my mom for ballet slippers, not knowing that I would not take them off for another 17 years." Only viewable within the Stony Brook Community. 


Gabriella Franza I started doing dance and gymnastics at age 2 and switched to being a competitive cheerleader throughout middle school and high school. After injuring my arm in a tumbling accident and taking a short dancing hiatus due to being in the Air Force Academy, I decided to take on a more jazz style technique and become part of the Stony Brook Dance Team and become a dance minor.


Tiffany Farrell "I am a junior at Stony Brook majoring in Linguistics on the TESOL track (an education degree to teach the English language to students whose native language is one other than English) and minoring in dance to pursue my true passion. I hope one day when I am teaching in a district that I have the opportunity to create or take over the coaching position of a dance team in the district or even coach at the collegiate level."


Nerricka Nalundasan "My name is Nerricka Nalundasan and I'm a third-year undergraduate student at Stony Brook University.  I'm a Health Science Major as well as a Dance Minor.  Dance is one of my many passions and I've been doing it since the age of four.  I started off with ballet, tap, jazz, and hip hop as a young girl." Only viewable within the Stony Brook Community.


Emma Gozelski "I am really interested in working with younger children and would like to go into a field of work that incorporates both working with younger children and dance." Only viewable within the Stony Brook Community.


Noelani Rodriguez "I have been dancing since I was three years old. Originally, I was introduced to tap and fell in the love with the form of art ever since. My appreciation for the art has altered through time. Upon entering Stony Brook I was introduced to a more in depth part of my dance career."

Only viewable within the Stony Brook Community.


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.