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ESG 100 ePortfolios


ESG 100: Introduction to Engineering Science: An overview of the development and application of engineering principles in response to social, industrial, and environmental problems from ancient times to the present. Engineering methods and theory through case studies and real-world applications. Creativity and problem solving techniques of modern engineering through participation in a design project as well as learning through analyses of engineering disasters.


Joseph Byun is currently an intern at Chembio Diagnostics Systems, Inc. He has experience in the military and has an interest in music and cultures.


Amanda Chiu"I started my freshman year at Stony Brook University as a pharmacology major on the pre-med track but after two years I realized it wasn't meant for me. I am now a senior chemistry major with a concentration in chemical science and a minor in environmental engineering."


Andrew Sullivan "Having always had a competence for science and math in school, I knew my future would involve those fields. Upon joining my high school's robotics team, I decided engineering would be my major in college. During my free time, I enjoy playing video games, reading, and spending time with friends, which involves telling bad jokes and debating existential and philosophical issues (yes, seriously)."


Stella Norman shows her creativity in her "about me" with a poem about where she is from. Her ePortfolio is a place for her writing and engineering work. Only viewable within the Stony Brook University community


Madeleine Unger is a transfer student from the University at Albany. She is working towards becoming an engineering science major. She wants to learn and expand not only in academia but more so as a person.


Jackob Datashvili was born in Moscow, Russia and is studying Biology at Stony Brook University. His ePortfolio showcases his ESG 100 work as well as his WRT 102 portfolio. His About Me section is where he stands out. Unlike the traditional five facts, Jackob writes a letter to his reader filled with a little bit about him, a reflection on his writing 102 class and college thus far, how college differed from high school, and what he has learned about himself so far. Only viewable within the Stony Brook University community


Jason Lai grew up in Chinatown, Manhattan. In high school, his life revolved around basketball and his school team called the Gators. His best friends have been made from basketball and most of them have coincidentally ended up coming to Stony Brook.


Carlos Vasquez Carlos is an Engineering Science Major who wants to be an Industrial Engineer. His portfolio is full of imagery and of course his Engineering Science class work. Only viewable within the Stony Brook Community.


Nicole Moro was born in Long Island and loves figuring out how things are made and creating new things.


Wenchi Wu is passionate and determined to find out why he's interested by things and is constantly coming up with ideas and prototypes.


Connor Davis "I am currently an undergraduate at Stony Brook University, with an interest in engineering. I am also a member of the Stony Brook Football team. Engineering and Football are two things I have always enjoyed since before high school, and here at Stony Brook I am excited to pursue these interest, at a very high level of, education for engineering, and competition for sports." Only viewable within the Stony Brook Community.


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.