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ESG 201 ePortfolios


ESG 201 - H: Learning from Disasters: The role of the engineer is to respond to a need by building or creating something along a certain set of guidelines (or specifications) which performs a given function.  Just as importantly, that device, plan or creation should perform its function without fail. Everything, however, does eventually fail and, in some cases, fails with catastrophic results.  Through discussion and analysis of engineering disasters from nuclear meltdowns to lost spacecraft to stock market crashes, this course will focus on how modern engineers learn from their mistakes in order to create designs that decrease the chance and severity of failure.


Ammarah Zaidi: "My name is Ammarah Zaidi and I’m a sophomore at Stony Brook University. I’m studying Engineering Science specialized in Mechanical Engineering."


Justin D. Thomas Justin is a Business Major who took ESG 201 simply to cover one of his DEC requirements. However, throughout the semester he "realized that an engineering disaster, or any disaster for that matter, has repercussions that resound in the world of business just as loudly as any other field of study. There are all kinds of costs and fiscal considerations to be had in the wake of any disaster."


Kaitlyn E. O'Halloran "My name is Kaitlyn O'Halloran and I am currently a junior at Stony Brook University. I am studying Political Science with a minor in international studies. I am very interested in foreign policy and comparative politics. I hope to eventually be involved with politics on an international scale, working to create a more peaceful global community."


Eleftheria Konstantatos "My name is Eleftheria Konstantatos (Ria for short). My first name, in Greek, means freedom. I like to think that I wear it well with who I am as a person. I do have a lot of family in Greece so I try and visit there whenever I can during the summers. I love the beach. There’s something about the calm water and the sun that makes me feel at home."


Christina Tran "I am currently a junior at Stony Brook University studying Psychology, following a Premedical track. As an undergraduate, it is my goal to develop my knowledge in a wide range of disciplines, while honing traits that will serve me in life and as a doctor. In the future, I see myself becoming a pediatrician and spending summers providing health care to children in less developed countries."


Madeleine Unger "I hope to be successful here at Stony Brook University and graduate in three or four years with an engineering degree. I am here because I want to learn and expand not only in academics, but more so as a person."


Sean Fernandez "My name is Sean Fernandez. I was born and raised in Long Island, New York. Like anyone else I find serenity in the simple things, music, playing the guitar, TV, and spending time with friends. However, for the next four years my main interest is my college education. I have two big aspirations for my future. The first is a general one; I want to be able to help people. The second is how I intend to accomplish that, by practicing dental medicine."


Megan Cooney "My name is Megan Cooney and I love running, good coffee, exploring new places, and bookstores among other things." Viewable within the Stony Brook Community.


Daniel Dochtermann "My goal in life is to leave some impact on the world. I want future generations to look back, even if it's just for a moment, and mention something I have done that has brought them to where they are at that time."






DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.