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Technology and Society Model ePortfolios


EST 327

Chloe Bader Only viewable within the Stony Brook Community. Chloe is working on her masters in social work. This ePortfolio features the work experience and accomplishments of Chloe.


EST 325

Kevin Courtney is an Economics major who is on the Stony Brook baseball team.


EST 201

Aleksandra Grabos is a future pediatrician who loves to travel.


Alex Ma believes in determination, dedication, discipline and patience.


Gulnaz Jabarova Only viewable within the Stony Brook Community. Gulnaz is an Information Systems Engineer. She speaks four languages fluently, and is from Baku, Azerbaijan.


Kaiyan Shiu is an Applied Mathematics major and an Accounting minor, and speaks Wenzhounese, a dialect of Chinese.


Inwook Gwak "I came from South Korea. Now, I am an undergraduate at Stony Brook university. I'm currently a sophomore and majoring in Economics and Technological Systems Management, but I'll probably change that to business. I am interested in finance and investment." 


Qianling Lu is a Computer Science major, considering double majoring in Applied Math. 


Angel Leung "I am an undergraduate studying at Stony Brook University majoring in business. I choose business because I am eager to learn about how business operates and also vital skills such as communicating, managing and having quick judgment."


Meagan Walls "My name is Meagan Walls and I'm a sophomore at Stony Brook University. I'm a Biology major and I plan on working in the medical field."


Jenna Cerbone loves music, dancing, technology and her iPhone. She has a sleek ePortoflio and has personalized it to reflect her individuality.


Junaid Rajani is a Biochemistry major who is on the pre-dental track. He showcases different classes and interests in his ePortoflio and has gone above and beyond to personalize it.


Riya Ismail is a business management major in the honors program. She has traveled the world and is originally from Bangladesh.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.