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EST 201 ePortfolios


EST 201 ​- H: Technological Trends in Society: Explores the impact of technology and engineering design on society past, present, and future. The main themes as they relate to changing technology are: industry and the economy; the environment; social, educational, and psychological implications of computers; energy and society; warfare; and 21st-century emerging technologies.


Zihao (Time) Wu Showcases his involvement, resume and various course sections in his eportfolio.


Maria Anna Zambuto  "I am a biology major and I plan to get my masters in education.  I aspire to one day become a secondary biology teacher and possibly even a college professor.  I have many hobbies, but some of my favorites are playing the piano, reading, and playing volleyball."


Rameez Khatri "My name is Rameez Khatri and I am currently a sophomore in Stony Brook University. I am majoring in Biochemistry along with a minor track in Bioengineering and with an intention to become a Physician."


Aiswaria George "If I could have any superpower in the world, I would choose to have Inhuman Eidetic Memory. With that being said, Hey! My name is Aiswaria and I love to dance and design. Though I was born in the Arabia, I am culturally a Keralite."


Lutzia Rahman "I am a sophomore with a pre-med track and a biology major, which might change because I have been thinking of switching to a chemical engineering major."


Pamela Hernandez "I am proud to say I attend Stony Brook University and am involved on campus. I am a Director of Membership of The National Association of Black Accountants (NABA) Stony Brook chapter. I also intern at the Career Center on campus as a marketing intern. I am in the DPLN program to further develop myself professionally."


Omar Khan "Besides being a student, I have a passion for basketball. In fact, my very first dream was to make it to the NBA as far as I could remember. As I grew up, I chose to be realistic and decided not to pursue the dream. However, my love for the game is still as strong as ever and love playing whenever I have a chance during the day."


Hana Kim "Every individual is defined by what he/she has done, is doing, and will do. I strongly believe that one's past, present, and future defines who he/she is and I continue to live my life making sure all my accomplishments, mistakes, and future endeavors shape who I am and mold me into the person I want to be."


Carlos Vasquez 

"Don’t ask yourself what the world needs;

Ask yourself what makes you come alive

And then go and do that

Because what the world needs is people

Who have come alive"


Valentino Baldeo "I am the President of Phi Chi Epsilon Fraternity, Incorporated, I work as a consultant for the Teaching, Learning, + Technology SINC Sites on campus, and I’m also part of the Administrative Hearing Board."


Lauren Fetter "My name is Lauren Fetter and I’m a sophomore commuter student here at Stony Brook University. I’m currently a Journalism major and I hope to one day work in the entertainment sector of the news industry.  That being said, I am a big movie and music enthusiast; you name it, I’ve probably seen it or listened to it."


Ma. Deza Lerasan "My name is Deza and I am currently a sophomore. I am majoring in Clinical Laboratory Science whilst on the Pre-Med track (still hanging on!) I am a born and bred Filipino, but I lived in England for four years before finally settling here in New York."


Sara Mahan "Music is my passion. I have been playing the piano, classically, for around eleven years (and counting)! Indie rock is my favorite genre and I’d say that I am a certified concert junkie."


Julio Nunez "I'm a first-year student at Stony Brook University pursuing a Bachelor's of Science degree in Information Systems Engineering (ISE) with the hopes of attaining a career in the technological industry as a Systems Administrator."


Sonaiya Kelley Sonaiya is a journalism major and hopes to one day write for magazines. Having held subscriptions to magazine from a tender young age, she considers herself an expert and currently subscribes to ElleGlamourSeventeenTeenVogue, and occasionally buys GQDetailsInStyleAllure and others.


Gurkamal Kaur "Looking back, I can see how I’ve grown in many aspects such as work ethic and character over the past three semesters. I came into Stony Brook afraid of what was to come; however, through my experiences I have come to understand that it is important to take things as they come."


Tuesday Love "Despite the advances in education, I feel technology also stagnated our interaction with the world and each other because we have become so dependent on it."


Amy Cheung “I do not use Facebook, twitter, or any social networking websites. I find it more personal to just see how people are doing when we can talk to each other in person or on the phone.”


Jared Copeland "I am a biology major with a double minor in Studio Art and Astronomy. I love stars because they look peaceful from so far away. I am a walking contradiction. Which means I have a lot of qualities that don't go together such as being bold and quiet, and being social and loner at the same time. People describe me as being Jared and there is no other way to put that. I am Jared Naphtali Copeland."


Ana Cruz "Many find it hard to believe that I can juggle work, school, and life but my drive keeps me focused on my goals. Furthering my education is something that will help in the future and open many doors." 


Aruna Visweswara “From a country oceans away, India, I came to Stony Brook to explore every possible opportunity that come my way. I am a person with enthusiasm and energy to meet people, build new networks, dream and plan out my life and opportunities. Currently I am junior, majoring in Computer Science.” Only viewable within the Stony Brook University community


Laura Peguero “I try not to judge people and understand their behaviors, I believe that everything is not what it seems and in the idea of Edward de Bono about Lateral Thinking which is about using reasoning that are not immediately obvious and solving problems by creative means.”


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.