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EST 201 ePortfolios


EST 201: Technological Trends in Society

Explores the impact of technology and engineering design on society past, present, and future. The main themes as they relate to changing technology are: industry and the economy; the environment; social, educational, and psychological implications of computers; energy and society; warfare; and 21st-century emerging technologies.


Ammarah Zaidi "I’m majoring in Engineering Science specialized in Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering with a minor in Comparitive Literature." 


Brandon Loo "My name is Brandon Loo and I am from Queens, New York. I am majoring in Civil Engineering at Stony Brook University." 


Alba Rebeca Saraldi Bargraser "My name is Alba Rebeca Saraldi Bargraser and I’m a spanish exchange student in Stony Brook University, borned in Venezuela. I come from Canary Islands in Spain (University of Las Palmas of Gran Canaria). I’m twenty one years old, I’m senior, and my Major is Industrial Organization Engineering."


Chunwei Chen has an eportfolio with her courses such as WRT 102 and EST 201. She has an interest in culinary art, and showcases her resume and reflections.


Yael Romero  "I am the Event Committee Chair for WiCS (Women in Computer Science) and starting Fall 2014, I will hold the Secretary position." 


Carlos Vazquez "I am an economics major and I plan on becoming a financial analyst."


Agustin Artiles Kuhnel "My major is industrial engineering and I'm in my last year, which for my degree in Spain is the fifth year."


Maria Anna Zambuto "A passion of mine has always been to help others and I have particularly enjoyed working with children, both in and out of a school setting."


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.