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Gary Halada


About Gary Halada


Dr. Gary Halada uses ePortfolio in the following courses: Introduction to Engineering Science (ESG 100), Learning from Disaster (ESG 201), Nanotechnology and Research (ESM 400), Internship (ESM 488), Introduction to Nanotechnology Studies (ESM 213), Teaching and Mentoring (ESM 501)


 When asked about the use of Publishing Platforms...


Why do you use ePortfolio in your courses? 

I use them as a means to enhance student learning, and provide students with a way to track (and reflect upon) their own learning process. I also use ePortfolios in order to facilitate my ability to assess student learning outcomes.


What is the benefit of ePortfolio to students? 

Students can collect all of their course materials in one place, show how these materials relate to each other and to the outcomes of the course. They can also see how these materials relate to other courses, their other life experiences, and their overall academic and career goals. They can also use their portfolios when applying for a job or a research position (including internships) to demonstrate what they know.


What are the benefits to you? 

The ePorfolios are very useful in seeing "the big picture" when assessing student learning. I can also use the portfolios as a direct assessment method for ABET, the accreditation organization which accredits our undergraduate engineering programs. Finally, it gives me a way to help students show how they have achieved learning goals for programs in emerging technologies which may not exist as majors -- for example, nanotechnology studies or multidisciplinary energy programs.


What advice would you give to other faculty considering using ePortfolio? 

Try it, learn about it -- I think you will find benefits for your students, your programs and yourself.


Student ePortfolio Examples:

Joseph Byun is currently an intern at Chembio Diagnostics Systems, Inc. He has experience in the military and has an interest in music and cultures.


Amanda Chiu"I started my freshman year at Stony Brook University as a pharmacology major on the pre-med track but after two years I realized it wasn't meant for me. I am now a senior chemistry major with a concentration in chemical science and a minor in environmental engineering."


Andrew Sullivan "Having always had a competence for science and math in school, I knew my future would involve those fields. Upon joining my high school's robotics team, I decided engineering would be my major in college. During my free time, I enjoy playing video games, reading, and spending time with friends, which involves telling bad jokes and debating existential and philosophical issues (yes, seriously)."


Stella Norman shows her creativity in her "about me" with a poem about where she is from. Her ePortfolio is a place for her writing and engineering work. Only viewable within the Stony Brook University community


Ammarah Zaidi: "My name is Ammarah Zaidi and I’m a sophomore at Stony Brook University. I’m studying Engineering Science specialized in Mechanical Engineering."


Justin D. Thomas Justin is a Business Major who took ESG 201 simply to cover one of his DEC requirements. However, throughout the semester he "realized that an engineering disaster, or any disaster for that matter, has repercussions that resound in the world of business just as loudly as any other field of study. There are all kinds of costs and fiscal considerations to be had in the wake of any disaster."


Kaitlyn E. O'Halloran "My name is Kaitlyn O'Halloran and I am currently a junior at Stony Brook University. I am studying Political Science with a minor in international studies. I am very interested in foreign policy and comparative politics. I hope to eventually be involved with politics on an international scale, working to create a more peaceful global community."


Eleftheria Konstantatos "My name is Eleftheria Konstantatos (Ria for short). My first name, in Greek, means freedom. I like to think that I wear it well with who I am as a person. I do have a lot of family in Greece so I try and visit there whenever I can during the summers. I love the beach. There’s something about the calm water and the sun that makes me feel at home."


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.