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Multideciplinary Expression


Model Integrative Learning Award

Setting the standards for ePortfolio design, expression, reflection with various courses and interests. 

Ammarah Zaidiis an Engineering Science major specializing in Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering with a minor in Comparative Literature. She has her writing, engineering projects, classes and resume on her eportfolio.
Tommy Hois in the Business Leadership Program, and is majoring in Business Administration. He has his writing, business honors thesis, leadership skills, business projects and resume on his eportfolio. 


Innovation Award

Demonstrates leadership, campus involvement, professional skills and academic experiences

Matthew Gillis"I am inspired to soar to new heights by those around me and I appreciate my friends and family for this inspiration."


Extraordinary Academic ePortfolio

Creative use of design elements to effectively showcase academic and professional expriences

Jencel Aprille Abuan"I am minimalist that desires the maximum of my existence."


Campus Involvement Award

Active in cultivating campus and online communities

Caitlin Weisz "I will use my leadership e-Portfolio in job interviews or other such applications, especially considering my interest in a management position."
Amanda Tam "I am at Stony Brook University, on the zebra path to my future, eagerly awaiting to participate in the world as a first class nurse."


Reflective ePortfolio Award

Demonstrates deep reflection in academics, experiences and movement

Melissa Pchelka"In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on." -Robert Frost


Expressive Banner Award

Outstanding use of design with color and images to crate a personal brand

Anthony Caggiano "My iOS game is called Planet Dodger. The goal is to avoid as many planets as possible and keep your rocket ship from crashing and exploding."


Creative Design Award

Outstanding organization of images, text and color to crate a personal brand.

Carlos Vazquez"I am an economics major and I plan on becoming a financial analyst."
Henrick Goldwurm"I joined Stony Brook University in Fall 2010 following the Bio-Medical Engineering track in hopes to eventually reach the top echelon of the field."
Lourdes Ng“It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters, in the end.” Ernest Hemingway


Most Inviting Welcome Page Award

Captivating audiences on a professional and personal level

TJ Tana"From NY to LA, my performances have been seen literally by thousands."
Jeanette Wong"I plan on pursuing a career in respiratory therapy, medicine, public health and health care management."
Caitlin Weisz"I will use my leadership e-Portfolio in job interviews or other such applications, especially considering my interest in a management position."


Stellar Biography Award

Effectively introduces the viewer to interests, activities and beliefs with images and descriptions

Daniel Chung"Currently 21 years of age and a proud Korean-American student studying Biology with a specialization in Developmental Genetics along with minors in Business and Digital Arts at Stony Brook University"
DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.