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Artifacts - Information placed in an ePortfolio


Assessment FOR Learning vs Assessment OF Learning- Involves the student in the assessment process and supports the development of self-determined, lifelong learning behaviors (Formative).  The learning is applied and the evidence is authentic. Assessment of Learning is instructor-centered or institutional-based and learning outcomes are measured by forms of testing and surveys (Summative). 


Collaborative Learning - refers to an instruction method in which learners at various performance levels work together in small groups toward a common goal. The learners are responsible for one another's learning as well as their own.  http://www.gdrc.org/kmgmt/c-learn/index.html


ePortfolio Process - The process of displaying artifacts in an ePortfolio.  Collect, Select, Reflect, Connect, and Project provides an organized digital thumbprint and timeline of knowing, doing, knowing how you know, and proceeding to the next level of inquiry. It allows the owner to synthesize learning, build knowledge, demonstrate learning connections, and project evidence of professional skills and abilities over a lifetime. (Wozniak, 2013)


Evidenced-Based Reflection - Involves higher order thinking, analyzing and synthesizing, in the reflection process.  The students move beyond the affective (I liked doing this projects) to reflective statements that provide evidence of applied learning and new levels of inquiry and discovery.


High Impact Practices - Programs and experiences that increase rates of student retention and engagement, such as First Year Experience, Capstone, Service Learning.  (AACU) - http://www.aacu.org/leap/hip.cfm


Inquiry - Seeking knowledge that starts with a question and ends with discovery.  The five dimensions in the process are ask (question), investigate (analyze), create (synthesize), discuss (present), and reflect (apply the evidence) that leads to a new question and repeats the cycle to a new level of learning and discovery.


Integrative Learning - A system of learning that deliberately makes connections between classes, fields, and academic and co-curricular life, with the end goal being the development of students who encounter new challenges and new knowledge in a productive manner. (AACU)


LEAP2A - a standard format for the transfer of ePortfolio materials between ePortfolio systems; “This specification is intended to cover the representation of several kinds of information, centered around individuals, who collect, create, reflect on and use their own information for learning, development, self-presentation, or related purposes” - http://www.leapspecs.org/2A/


Lifelong Learning - Darren Cambridge, Senior Consultant, Education Technology and Online Communities of Practice at American Institutes for Research, defines lifelong learning as an ongoing process of developing knowledge, skills, and strategies; putting capabilities and self-understanding into action; and, thereby, establishing an identity. (Cambridge, 2010) Success in life depends on having a sense of self, understanding who we are and knowing how we build knowledge and connect to our academic, professional, community and personal lives.


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.