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 CIO Pick 

Lauren Belzer


"My biggest interest is Neuropsychology. I always enjoy reading new articles and research about how Neuropsychology is developing. Eventually my academic career will lead me to a professional career as Neuropsychologist. I would be performing research pertaining to finding out more of how the brain works. I am hoping to begin my Doctorates Degree in Non-Clinical Psychology of Behavioral Neuroscience at the University of Miami in South Florida. 


Rachel Koeth


"I am a bassoon enthusiast, excited by music and inspired by the people in my life! I am currently working towards my Doctor of Musical Arts degree at Stony Brook in bassoon performance."

Independent Journalism


 Michael Hejmej


Michael is a multimedia reporter at RiverheadLocal.com and covers high school sports with game stories, news, features, previews, pictures and blogs. Some of the sports he has covered include soccer, football, baseball, basketball, lacrosse, and wrestling.



  Barbara Whitaker


In 2004 Barbara established Lumen Arts, a video production company.  Since that time she has produced a documentary about Hurricane Katrina and is currently in production of "Peeling the Onion," a documentary about the Israeli/Palestinian peace process.

 Patrick Coty 


"I always had an interest in Humanitarian work even before I knew I will have a career in the health care field. As a child, I was always fascinated by these missionaries that came twice a year in my hometown to provide basic medical care, education about personal hygiene which made a great impact to the population. Over the past ten years, I have been very involved in international medical/surgical mission mostly in Ghana through OCI (Our Chance International)."

 Creative Implemetation of Project ePortfolio

 Anthony Scarlatos


Tony is the Director of the Multimedia Lab in the Computer Science Department. He uses eportfolios for his students' group projects and individual coursework.

Healthcare Career and Creative Implemetation of  Project ePortfolio

 Richard S Menjivar 


"My name is Richard S. Menjivar, among other things, I am a student, a veteran, an RN, an educator and a volunteer." 

 Undergraduate Experience


 Samantha Wong 


Samantha conducted research and analysis on Photovoltaic Energy and had an exceptionally descriptive podcast in her ePortfolio.

Emily Madsen


"My childhood is undoubtedly the root of my continuing fascination with the natural world." 

Multimodal Teaching Strategies


Cynthia Davidson


"I'm a faculty member in the Program in Writing in Rhetoric at Stony Brook University, and the Emerging Technologies Coordinator for the program.  I'm passionate about how technology changes the way that we communicate, persuade, and ignite our imaginative visions--and what we do to change our world by these means."

 Use of ePortfolios in Assessment

 Dr. Gary Halada 


is the Undergraduate Program Director for Engineering Science B. E. program and the Director of Nanotechnoglogy Studies program. He uses eportfolio for various engineering courses and the REU/SRI summer Nanotechnolgy program.


Creative Expression

Sarah Azzara 


is an Adjunct Lecturer for Intermediate Writing Workshop courses and songwriter.


Exceptional ePortfolio use for Integrative Learning, Teaching, Career, Performance and Personal Reflection.

Michael Spikes 


is a Specialist in Electronic Media Design and Production, Application of Computer Technology and Multimedia in Educational Contexts, and Visual Journalism.

Team Eportfolio




"As our project hopes to give some perspective about different historical periods, the intended clients would probably be museums and other historical organizations that are looking to give their visitors an extra peek at the times they can only so thoroughly illustrate with words and objects."


 Parth B. Pancholi 


"Currently, I am an Intern at Teaching Learning + Technology at Stony Brook University. I am learning the inner workings of TLT, and how technology is really integrated with learning, especially in a computing labs. Over the weeks, I will be reflecting on my experience at this internship."

Legacy Awards

Alumni Demonstrating Excellence in ePortfolio use and Lifelong Learning  

Eda Giminez 


"I am interested in both global and environmental issues.  From contemporary issues and their policies to the sciences behind them all, my fascination with the world never ends.  Because of my incessant need to discover and experience new things every day, I have developed an interminable desire to learn." 

Addie Browning 


"She was like a book of puzzles; once you figured one puzzle out there was always another one to solve."



Aman Sharma  


"This portfolio is dedicated to my time at the University of Toronto where I have recently completed my Master's of Health Science in Clinical Engineering in the Institute of Biomaterials and Biomedical Engineering."

 Erick Gordy 


"If I set out to answer a trivial question and the inquiry sets up another series of questions, I follow through as far as I am able, just for the sheer joy of watching the interconnected pieces of information fall together like dominos in my mind."



Charles Magyar


 "Writing is of an exemplary importance to our lives."

 Creative Design and Compelling Content

 Richard Smith


"My goal is to pursue a career in musicology--I want to become a professor. I am currently working on the continuation of a paper "Music as Renaissance Magic: Irrationality and Magic of Woman and Music." My research interests center towards Renaissance music studies, especially those that involve gender/sexuality issues, and changes in religious systems."

ESTeP Minor Award


Paola Cardenas


"I am not majoring in anything that has to deal with science but I would like to learn more about becoming green and continue to find ways to become more energy efficient through appliances I use on a daily basis. Many changes can still be made. This was just the beginning."


 Elizabeth Rennie


"I started the project by reviewing the personal energy meter and leaking electricity calculator that I had created in the beginning of the semester for class. I looked over the energy meter and leaking energy calculator to see what areas of my home could use the most attention."

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Students find value in maintaining their own eportfolio


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DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.
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DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.
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DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.