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Independent ePortfolios


Art & Academics

Jencel Aprille Abuan "After three years of trying many things, I've found that there are two things I want to remain doing for the rest of my life: art and helping other people."


Art & Internship

Daniel Chung "Through my involvement, I have found my passion for interacting with others; life can be lonely if you don't put yourself out there! If life hands you an opportunity, take it!"



Matthew Gillis "I strive to become a better person, student, and peer mentor every day. I am committed to building onto my experiences so that I can continue to be a valuable asset when I graduate from college and enter graduate school."


Multimedia Reporting

Michael Hejmej - Michael uses his ePortfolio to post his independent sports writing as well as the articles he writes for riverheadlocal.com. 


Music & Academics

Richard Smith "I'm Richard and welcome to my e-Portfolio. I'm an aspiring musicologist, flutist, and polyglot."


Research Paper

Robyna Mamoor "My name is Robyna Mamoor and currently I am a junior at Stony Brook University studying Engineering Science, specializing in biotechnology. I am also part of the Honors College here at Stony Brook. My affinity towards math and sciences coupled with my love of challenges led me to discover my true passion in engineering. I absolutely love my major, but I also have varied interests outside of what I study."



Kirti Parmar "Judy Garland once said 'always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of somebody else.' So when you make a wish, always wish to be the best you can be."

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.