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Information Systems


Information Systems Narrative Award, CSE 312, Anthony Scarlatos

Best integration of multimedia and narrative presentation in an ePortfolio

Mukut PatwaryHas a course eportfolio of his CSE 312 work. His video documentary is quite excellent, with the title “Freedom of Speech or Freedom to Know and Keep Quiet?”
Katie Greibesland"I chose to do my project on the paparazzi: a subject that straddles the line between free press and personal privacy."


Innovative Team ePortfolio, CSE 323, Anthony Scarlatos

For creating a powerful design and presentation

Historastep"As our project hopes to give some perspective about different historical periods, the intended clients would probably be museums and other historical organizations that are looking to give their visitors an extra peek at the times they can only so thoroughly illustrate with words and objects."
Stimulus"Stimulus is a program masked as a therapeutic tool that is aimed at a college student audience."


Multimedia Systems Award, CSE 334, Anthony Scarlatos

Best modeling development and effective use of computer graphics

Qianling Lu"Since I have a passion in science field, writing sometimes challenges me more."
Andrew Timmons"I am currently interested in game development, design, and programming." Only viewable within the Stony Brook University Community
Fiona Tang"To use graphics, video, and animation to illustrate the yearly event of the ball drop in Times Square." Only viewable within the Stony Brook University Community


Mobile App ePortfolio Award, CSE 392, Anthony Scarlatos

Excellent use of multimedia in mobile application development

Hanne Paine"As a woman in my third year of pursuing my Bachelor’s Degree in computer science, I’ve become accustomed to being one of three or four students of my gender in the classroom."
Rahul Sarna"Internet should be an open platform and users should not be forced to agree on any terms and conditions that opts him in his using his personal information." Only viewable within the Stony Brook University Community
DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.