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Leadership Courses' Model ePortfolios 


LDR 210/310

Jessica Flareau is a business major concentrating in marketing and minoring in graphic design. 


Sean Ko has a great digital story and has gone above and beyond in personalizing his ePortfolio.


Alison Fox has a wonderful ePortoflio that shows not only her skills as a leader, but her campus involvement, awards and reflections.


Tommy Ho is a business administration major. A member of the Business Leadership Program, Tommy is an American-born Chinese who grew up in Manhattan and Brooklyn. He loves immersing himself in Chinese culture and history, and has experience working with children in daycare and in after-school programs.


Priya Sohi  is majoring in biology with a concentration on neuroscience. She is minoring in Leadership and Development and hopes to become a Cardiothoracic Surgeon. Priya's bold ePortfolio really sets her apart from the crowd.


Pierre M. Albert "This upcoming fall semester I will be continuing my accelerated/sequential Master in Public Policy Program at SBU. During my undergraduate years, I have been very involved on campus serving in various leadership roles as the President of the Student African American Brotherhood, President of the EOP Student Association and currently serving as Co- Head Peer Advisor Tutor for the EOP Pre-Freshmen Summer Academy."


Rithy Huot is in the business leadership program. He is involved in several clubs and a member of dream activist.


Yi Wan Wu one day hopes to be a doctor in Africa. She believes in the quotation "Fail to learn, learn to fail," where if you fail to be curious, you will fail to obtain more knowledge.


Michelle Julie Ma This ePortfolio is only viewable in the Stony Brook community. Julie is a senior exchange student who is majoring in Marketing.


Nadiya Pavlishyn is a focused student with high standards for herself and ambitious goals.


Erik Hoerner Erik is studying business management and enjoys working as a soccer referee. 


Brendan Russo This ePortfolio is only viewable in the Stony Brook community. "My name is Brendan Russo and I am a senior at Stony Brook University majoring in Business and minoring in Leadership Development. I have really enjoyed my first three years at Stony Brook in pursuit of my degree and expect to graduate in May of 2013. From there I plan to work and gain business field experience before I attend graduate school." 



Kevin Courtney This ePortfolio is only viewable in the Stony Brook community. Kevin is an economics major who is originally from Lindenhurst. He is a member of the SBU baseball team.


Kelly Collins This ePortfolio is only viewable in the Stony Brook community. Kelly is working towards being a nurse, and has a heart for community service.


Yanil Nunez Yanil is studying sociology and psychology.


Bryan Tatelman This ePortfolio is only viewable in the Stony Brook community. Bryan is majoring in sociology and is on the baseball team at SBU. 


Megan Hertz would like to run her own business. She is a firm believer of setting goals, so she can practice leadership skills that she will need for owning a business.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.