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LDR 410 ePortfolios


LDR 410: Leadership Exploration and Practicum

This course will synthesize the content of LDR 210 and LDR 310, and explore the relationship of related interdisciplinary concepts from elective courses and discuss the on-going learning taking place during the simultaneous practicum component.


Riya Ismail "Once I start something and I promise myself that I will stay focused on a goal, I stay focused."


Klaudia N. Kwasnik can summarize herself in three words: committed, ambitious and extroverted. She is a Business Management major with a specialization in Operations Management and Marketing. 


Wes Hawkins "My Mission is to live a long and successful life while maintaining a strong, loyal, and eager to learn attitude towards my peers and family. I truly believe in this mission statement because I have come to formulate it through all of the experiences I have had so far in my life."


Brandon J. Inman "I believe that those who succeed, push themselves throughout their lives through their experiences so they can learn and develop as a leader and more so a well-rounded individual."


Erik J. Hoerner "I set out to get the most from every experience presented to me. I ensure I fulfill my promises and go above and beyond for my family and friends. I strive to be acknowledged as a capable leader and look for recognition as a preferred partner for group exercises. I will never let up in my ultimate pursuit of success."


Kelly Collins "Ever since high school I have been a part of giving back to the community I live in; volunteering in New Orleans to change the damages done by Hurricane Katrina was where I realized that I wanted to make leadership a part of my life. I began earning positions, such as captain of my color guard team that helped me grasp the concept of motivating others to work hard. I realized that this came naturally to me and was something that I wanted to keep a major part of my life."


Yuan Chen "My belief is to keep moving forward, with patience and persistence, and one day you will get there. I realize from various tasks I have completed that the key to success is to never give up, no matter how great difficulties are. This is a core value of mine, and is also something I will surely share with those whom I work with. A group with such belief is ready to face challenges and has great spiritual strengths. And this is what I can bring to a team."


Alison Fox "Through my experiences and overall growth and development as both a college student and a leader, I have been drawn to helping better the campus community and in turn, better the neighboring communities. Through my drive for academic excellence and yearn for philanthropic endeavors, I have become an active member in Theta Phi Alpha national fraternity."


Abby El-Shafei "I am obtaining a Bachelors of Science in Psychology and a minor in Community Service Learning Minor. I have been on the Pre-Medical track as I obtained the aforementioned degrees. I am ultimately working towards my dream of becoming a Pediatric Oncologist and Humanitarian."

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.