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Leadership ePortfolio Award, LDS 102, Amy Sullivan

In recognition of effective use of media and integration of reflective components

Lauren Jane Ralbovsky"The Earth amazes me and I truly think, that if we saw everything that confused us with fascination rather than disdain, we'd be one step closer to a perfect world."
Michelle Nevins"I am an outdoor enthusiast, love adventure, and hope to make a change by studying environmental studies."  Only viewable within the Stony Brook University Community


Extraordinary Leadership ePortfolio Award, LDR 410, Jonathan Ragone

Displays qualities and evidence of leadership and professional skills

Riya Ismail"I know that I have to work hard, keep climbing to the top and never losing sight of who I am."
Klaudia Kwasnik"Once I start something and I promise myself that I will stay focused on a goal, I stay focused."
DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.