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Masters of Business Administration

Human Resources Concentration


MBA 527- Women, Work and Dollars and CES 517- Women in the Workplace


Morgan Beach - Morgan is working on her M.S. in Human Resource Management and has extensive work experience, computer skills, and certifications. Her resume highlights keywords and key skills. Morgan invites the viewer to know about her professionally and personally. Only viewable within the Stony Brook Community.


Jill DiFrancesco - Experienced her first online course with her MBA 527 course. She reflects on her experience with the course and states that she "was nervous about posting my views for everyone to see" but that leading the news discussion and having to respond to everyone’s post forced her to express herself, in a good way. Only viewable within the Stony Brook Community.


Melissa Burns - Melissa has another great About Me page as she develops her portfolio around her MBA course. Her About Me page uses wordles, images, and well written and interesting facts about herself to draw in her reader making them want to see all that she has to offer in her ePortfolio. Only viewable within the Stony Brook Community.


Jadda Burroughs - "My passion is education. I believe that all students have the ability to learn. Everyone has their own pace, style and ability. Whether it’s learning the alphabet, tying shoe laces or solving trigonomic equations, each accomplishment is monumental!"


Breanna Buckley - In 2001, Breanna received her bachelor's degree in Communication Studies with a concentration in Journalism from SUNY Cortland. Now she is working towards her Masters in Human Resource Management at Stony Brook University. Only viewable within the Stony Brook Community.


Gina Berti - "I have a strong passion for education and learning; I believe that continued education through ones professional life is a great means for success."


Holly Redfern - Holly owns and operates her own employment agency while being a full time graduate student and working a full time job! Holly has a wonderful portfolio showcasing some of her graduate work as well as her resume and a fun introduction video about herself and her company. Only viewable within the Stony Brook Community.


Erica DeLuke - Erica is currently developing her ePortfolio but even as we speak she has a beautiful About Me page. She includes many images, quotes, and facts about herself to create a striking and memorable About Me page for her portfolio. Only viewable within the Stony Brook Community.


Jude Elie- Jude has been practicing Engineer for twenty years, and has big goals of becoming "the CEO or the owner of the biggest and most internationally recognized engineering firm." She is currently studying for her MBA at Stony Brook, and her ePortfolio showcases some of her classwork, interesting facts about her, her resume, and an impressive list of certifications.


Brianne Earey- "I have a B.S. in Elementary and Special Education as well as NYS certification in both Childhood and Special Education. I am working on completing my M.S. in Human Resource Management at Stony Brook University presently. I look forward to beginning a career in the area of employee development and training." Only viewable within the Stony Brook Community.


Christine Milano - Born and raised on Long Island, Christine has "reverse immigrated" to Venice Italy where she teaches young minds at a private international school in Mestre. She has an interesting perspective for her Women in the Workplace class work since she lives in Italy where "tradition is deeply ingrained in the mindset of the people." Only viewable within the Stony Brook Community.


Mengqing Li - Mengquingli's ePortfolio showcases his graduate work on his journey to his MBA, but also showcases a few great facts about himself including an image and description of a favorite location in his hometown in Beijing and his plans to become a child development psychologist when he retires. 


Maricel Espanola- Maricel is taking online courses towards her Masters in Human Resources Management. She says that the experience of studying in a virtual classroom has been both challenging and exciting for her. When she’s not in her online courses she is doing as much traveling as she can. Only viewable within the Stony Brook Community.


Gessel Valdez- As a mother, Gessel has an perspective and understanding of the topics discussed in her Women in the Workplace class.  "As a mother myself, a mother's journey is never ending and difficult.  With the right partner motherhood can be achieved effortlessly and easy.  The picture above is my family and I.  My husband and I are a team, we compliment each others strengths and weaknesses.  We raise our son TOGETHER."


Champaine Addison- After doing research for her class assignment on Pregnancy Discrimination, Champaine realized that much of the discrimination comes from lack of knowledge of the laws. She also came "to the conclusion that no matter what area of HR you decide to do, you will have to do research. Some more than others but it still will have to get done." Only viewable within the Stony Brook Community.


Kayla Henderson- "I am currently pursuing an M.B.A. at Stony Brook University with an Advanced Certificate in Health Care Management and Human Resources. I have a Bachelors in Economics and Sociology from Stony Brook University where I graduated Cum Laude. I am a bridal attendant where I enjoy assisting different brides and grooms thoroughly enjoy their special day. I am hard working and eager to learn. I love photography, being outdoors, crafts, snowboarding, skiing, and spending time with my family and friends, and walks with my dog."


Kazi Israt Jahan- ""I am currently pursuing MBA in Stony Brook University. My major is Finance. I have a BSc degree in Chemical Engineering. I love to learn. Enjoy making new friends. I have an open mind to learn and share knowledge. After graduating from Stony Brook, I want to build a career in finance and want to make a positive change in society. I love to travel. I enjoy meeting new people; explore new cultures around the world." Only viewable within the Stony Brook Community.


Meng Fan- "I came from Shandong, China. The city I grow up is called Dongying, which is famous for the second largest oilfield in China. I went to high school in Shanghai, the biggest city and trade center in China and then went to Xi'an Shiyou University in Shaanxi province. My major in undergraduate was English and the minor is public relations. I came to Stony Brook last year and chose MBA because I have been deeply influenced by the culture and people in Finance area and I really wanted to go abroad to experience the different culture."


Michael J. Fallon- Michael has been working in international pharmaceutical logistics for the last eight years. He enjoys working across cultures, problem solving and creating art. Michael has his artwork of acrylic on canvas and mixed media on canvas. Michael has his artwork of acrylic on canvas and mixed media on canvas.   Only viewable within the Stony Brook Community.


Philly Bubaris "This is a map of my professional world, and my goal is to make it bigger."Only viewable within the Stony Brook University Community


Barbara Whitaker "My passion is visual.  My passion is auditory.  My passion is..."




DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.