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Margot Palermo


About Margot Palermo


Professor Margot Palermo uses ePortfolio in Introduction to Business (BUS 115), Honors Business Seminars (BUS 195, BUS 295, BUS 296), and Honors Business Ethics (BUS 447). 


When asked about the use of Publishing Platforms...


Why do you use ePortfolio in your courses? 

Several reasons:
1) a forum for a student's self expression;
2) a place to showcase their course work;
3) a medium to promote themselves to employers.


What are the benefits to you? 

A central place to evaluate, organize and see the growth of my honors students who I see as freshman every semester until the first semester of junior year.


What advice would you give to other faculty considering using ePortfolio? 

This use of technology, in general, has long term rewards and ePortfolio helps students use technology to market themselves, follow and document their journeys in education and showcase themselves with pride.


Student ePortfolio Examples: 


Vanessa Gordon "I am currently a junior at Stony Brook University with a major in Business and a double minor in Accounting and English. I work part-time at Stop & Shop as a bookkeeper and an assistant customer service department head; I also work at an accounting and consulting firm, Nawrocki Smith, LLP, as an intern."


Jennifer Schwartzman is a Business Major with two minors in writing and leadership. She is also an ice skater and was a member of the Skyliners Synchronized Ice Skating Team for eleven years.


Crystal Ling "My ultimate goal for the future is to become an editorial stylist for a fashion and beauty magazine. I know that with diligence (maybe some blood, sweat, and tears along the way) and a little bit of faith, my dreams will come true."


Riya Ismail "I am funny. I love making people laugh, whether it is with various jokes or my sarcasm. Humor, to me, is the most priceless medication. I also have a bubbly personality. I love being around people and bringing great energy to the table." Only viewable within the Stony Brook Community.


Tommy Ho "I am one of the 19 freshmen chosen to be a part of the Business Leadership Program at Stony Brook University. This program is a distinguished group of business majors. It is an honor for me to be in this program because it is an achievement that recognizes me for my work ethics."


Jonathan Davidowitz "The three main goals to be successful in America. It was fun then, but now it is my passion."


Isabella Wood "I have a 'life list' where I write down what I'd like to do in life and when I accomplish the tasks I cross it off with a highlighter and the names of the people who helped me accomplish it."


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.