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Model Career


This is dedicated to the exemplary model career pages 


Aman Sharma " A Clinical Engineer is a professional who supports and advances patient care by applying engineering and managerial skills to healthcare technology." -ACCE Definition, 1992


Cynthia Davidson "...the prospects for a strong multimodal literacy practice rests with the adoption of a theory that focuses on invention, is highly contextual, is deeply concerned with the hybridity of cultural and the intertextuality of semiotic or symbolic flows, and is explicitly self-conscious about its own contingencies.

 Nicholas I. Cordova, "Invention, Ethos, and New Media in the Rhetoric Classroom" 


Emily Madsen "My name is Emily Madsen and I will be graduating in 2014

with a Biology degree specializing in Developmental Genetics

and a minor in Marine Science."


Michael Hejmej RiverheadLocal sports writer and well written articles on farmstands.


Sara Kardesz "The paper that I wrote for my final masters seminar was selected for publication in a peer refereed journal.  My paper is entitled "What are the best approaches for encouraging the diffusion of a new instructional technology among faculty members in higher education? A look at ePortfolio use at Stony Brook University."  It was published in the Journal of Educational Technology Systems, volume 42, number 1, 2013-2014. " 


Soraya Brooks "As an experienced ARTS EDUCATOR, I am able to offer students valuable technical knowledge and inspiration to seamlessly bridge the worlds of studio and computer art mediums.  As a WORKING ARTIST and graduate of Parsons School of Design I have had many years of experience as a painter, printmaker and sculptor in the Fine Arts world. As a GRAPHIC DESIGNER I have worked for many years in magazine publishing for both print and online."


Terri Squires "I just graduated this past May 2014. It took me a few years to finish, but it was well worth the time and effort. I enjoyed every minute I spent back at school. It is never too late to go back!"

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.