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Performance ePortfolios


Ice Skating

Jennifer Schwartzman "Synchronized ice skating is a sport that has a range of levels starting from kids at the young age of five, up to adult divisions where there are ice skaters  who still perform in their sixties and seventies. At its highest, most competitive levels, synchronized Ice Skating consists of sixteen ice skaters who perform a variety of different formations and various complicated footwork sequences."



TJ Tana "In addition to be a Business Student at Stony Brook University, I am also a professional Magician. Yes, you heard me right, a MAGICIAN. I have had the privilege of traveling the country, performing my show for private parties, corporate events, and even universities."



Richard Smith "I'm Richard Smith and I'm currently an undergraduate music student at Stony Brook University. My primary instruments are the flute and piccolo; however, I was originally a music education major and took many instrumental education methods classes."


Sarah Azzara is a songwriter and performer. "These songs are from my current work in progress, a musical entitled Tongues Will Wag, which revolves around nightclub performers in the oldest women's bar in the nation."


Michael Matza "As a perfectionist myself, I understand that people strive to be perfect all the time. What we should really be searching for is moments. It's always seemed that listeners hear vibrato and think "perfection!" However, for me, timing is key."


Rachel Koeth "I am a bassoon enthusiast, excited by music and inspired by the people in my life!"



Gabriella Franza I started doing dance and gymnastics at age 2 and switched to being a competitive cheerleader throughout middle school and high school. After injuring my arm in a tumbling accident and taking a short dancing hiatus due to being in the Air Force Academy, I decided to take on a more jazz style technique and become part of the Stony Brook Dance Team and become a dance minor.


Tiffany Farrell "I am a junior at Stony Brook majoring in Linguistics on the TESOL track (an education degree to teach the English language to students whose native language is one other than English) and minoring in dance to pursue my true passion. I hope one day when I am teaching in a district that I have the opportunity to create or take over the coaching position of a dance team in the district or even coach at the collegiate level."

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.