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Professional ePortfolios


Michael A. Spikes "Michael Spikes, a native of Maple Heights, Ohio began a career in media production early, as he recalls, creating his own radio programs based around books he was reading with family members, complete with musical bridges, intros and outs around the age of 8 with a small tape recorder gifted to him by his parents."


Susan Dubois "I strive to be a caring and understanding teacher.  A student’s education and well-being is my highest concern.  I believe that all students should be provided with whatever is necessary to meet their needs."


Javier Monzón "My research interests are quite broad but lie at the interface of conservation biology, behavioral ecology, and molecular genetics."


Soraya Brooks "As an experienced ARTS EDUCATOR, I am able to offer students valuable technical knowledge and inspiration to seamlessly bridge the worlds of studio and computer art mediums.  As a WORKING ARTIST and graduate of Parsons School of Design I have had many years of experience as a painter, printmaker and sculptor in the Fine Arts world. As a GRAPHIC DESIGNER I have worked for many years in magazine publishing for both print and online."

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.