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Self-Directed ePortfolios

Addie Browning -"Photography is something I am very passionate about.  I love taking pictures and I carry my camera with me everywhere I go.  It makes me feel special when people say they like the pictures I take or even use one I took of them on Facebook as their profile picture (as silly as that sounds)." 


Michael Spikes -Specialist in Electronic Media Design and Production, Application of Computer Technology and Multimedia in Educational Contexts, and Visual Journalism


Jencel Aprille Abuan "After three years of trying many things, I've found that there are two things I want to remain doing for the rest of my life: art and helping other people."


Alicia Elliott " I’m a junior at Stony Brook University studying Engineering Science with a specialization in Materials Science and Engineering and a minor in Mechanical Engineering. I am pursuing a research career in materials science and nanoscale engineering, focusing on energy applications."


Ammarah Zaidi "I’m majoring in  Engineering Science specialized in Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering with a minor in Comparative Literature."


Julio Nunez "...my ultimate goal is to become a Systems Engineer and, with the experience from that, become a highly successful Business Analyst. I want to be able to utilize technology to create and update products in ways that will change the world, much like smartphones and computers have!"


Eric Leung "I'm an aspiring IT technician and a photographer that enjoys capturing people's happiest candids in time. In here you will find my sorted collective works, feel free to explore as long or short as you like."


Daniel Chung - "I am heavily involved on campus as an Orientation Leader, Resident Assistant, Senior Consultant for the Department of Teaching, Learning and Technology, and the incoming President of the Korean Student Association (KSA) for the 2013-2014 academic year. Through my involvement, I have found my passion for interacting with others"


Eleftheria Konstantatos- "My first name, in Greek, means freedom. I like to think that I wear it well with who I am as a person." "I believe being actively involved within your community is important in more ways than someone might originally think. It builds character and widens your perspective on life." 


Lauren Belzer - I am a Junior at Stony Brook University pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology with a minor in Leadership Development. I also previously attended Suffolk County Community College in Selden, New York where I completed an Associates Degree in Liberal Arts before transferring to Stony Brook University.


Marie Kwok "I have always been passionate about Biology, especially being a Biology major. I am interested specifically in the fields of microbiology, and hope to pursue a career in this field." 


Matthew Gillis " I am currently pursuing a Sociology degree and a Secondary Education Teacher Certification. My ultimate educational goal is to attend law school and become a lawyer. Also, I would like to have the ability to teach at my high school and give back to my community of mentors and friends that gave an abundance of support and kindness to me." 


Andrew Clay - "I am currently a freshman at Stony Brook University studying Ecosystems and Human Impact. My love for nature comes from my parents taking the family to vacation every summer upstate, where we sit, relax and stay outside in the mountains alongside the lake."


Jia-Ming (Jimmy) Yuan "Oh boy, life is a bowl of lemons rolling down a hill. What does that mean? Beats me. But one day, you'll find yourself saying the exact same thing."


Umar Zaidi is studying to go to law school. His eportfolio is a showcase of the different areas he is interested in: teaching, research and his participation with a fraternity.


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.