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Specialty Awards


Stellar Consultant ePortfolio 

Exceptional vision, theme, organization, reflection and professional evidence

Emily Madsen"I am currently majoring in Biology and minoring in Marine Science at Stony Brook University."
Nicole Gartner"I believe that the learning path is most successful when integrated with technology, and these concepts of online education and the "Internet identity" are here to stay." 
Judy FischerMy message that I wish to bring to world is that there is always hope and to never quit! Anything is possible with conviction and dedication.


CIO Prime Pick 

Setting the standards for ePortfolio design, expression, reflection, and integrative lifelong learning

Lauren Belzer"Eventually my academic career will lead me to a professional career as Neuropsychologist."


ePortfolio Consultant's Choice Award 

In recognition of model ePortfolio design and expression

Dong Gun Kim"I try to learn or study everything that I can do."


Outstanding Resume 

Professionally displays skills, experiences and activities in lifelong learning

Jacob Fogel "There is so much I want to do in life! My ambitions exceed me. I may have narrowed my focus to Neuroscience, but I want to try everything once."


Most Visited 2013-2014 Academic Year Award 

Inspirational collection of professional and personal experiences

Liana Yung"My goal after I graduate is to work for a few years as a Registered Nurse and then hopefully continue my education to become a Nurse Practitioner." 


Resource ePortfolio Award 

Creating instructional videos and customizing design to facilitate ePortfolio growth in student and faculty eportfolios

Cynthia Davidsonis a Lecturer and Emerging Technologies Coordinator for the Writing and Rhetoric program for various courses. She emphasizes creating digital stories along with eportfolio and blog use.




DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.