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Alumni Model ePortfolios

Mo Lam graduated with a B.S. in Mathematics, Applied Mathematics and Statistics. His ePortfolio is a place for mathematics, computer science, archery, and his online presence with Linkedin and his web gallery.

Annie Bernberg "I've always had an interest in history, from clay tablets covered in cuneiform in ancient Mesopotamia to modern American plights and politics. I am majoring specifically in United States history, but the more I study the more I see similar patterns in everything from culture to politics. History brings us together and closes the gap between the most differing peoples and nations."   

Chloe Bader  is working towards her Masters in Social Work. This ePortfolio features the work experience and accomplishments of Chloe.


Aman Sharma "Here you will find an assorted collage of information related in some manner to myself. Enjoy your stay here, and feel free to look around and comment."

Erick Gordy "I am currently a student at CUNY Queens College in the Flushing, New York where I study Library and Information Science. Formerly, I attended Stony Brook University in Stony Brook, New York where I graduated in 2011 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English."


Arhum Kim "To live my life to the fullest potential and joy, I don't hesitate to try new things. I juggle many roles and challenge me to find another me."


Theresa Zahor "My name is Theresa Zahor and I am an academic librarian specializing in online resources and virtual libraries.  My professional interests include: handling reference questions, teaching database research classes across disciplines, and maintaining the library web site.  I enjoy working with students and helping them with their class projects."

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.