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Chaz Wilson - I want to settle into a career that I love; whatever that career may be, I will continue to learn from peers, collegues, and even those younger than me. It's good to be the best at what you do, but once you become the best you cannot stop your learning process. Even at the peak of my success, I will always welcome feedback and consider it when making decisions.


Michael Hejmej - Is interested in writing, journalism and sociology. His dream is to become a sports writer and nothing will stand in his way. Michael has audio to live sports blogs, and a sports article he has written on his ePortfolio.


Soma Majumder - My name is Soma Majumder and I am a senior in Stony Brook University. I am a Health Science major concentrating on Healthcare Management as well as having a Business Management minor.  I am a very outgoing, loyal, dedicated leader who loves helping people and caring for others. I’m artistic and outspoken, with a mind of my own. I am focused and driven because I know to reach my dreams I must persevere. I’ve realized my aspirations and am dedicated and focused to my cause. Some of my aspirations are to become a Public Relations Director, get my MBA, travel the world, and own a house. Some activities that I like to do in my free time are biking, painting, reading fantasy novels, and catching up with friends.


Ahrum Kim - I am currently studying in MAB program at Stony Brook University. I received my B.A. in Law from Konkuk University in Korea and my second B.A. in Economics from Stony Brook University. Besides being a student, I am also an Resident Assistant and work under the Campus Residences at SBU. As a student leader, I  help campus residents to have wonderful campus life and housing experience. Also I currently work at The Faculty Center at SBU.  I perform as an ePortfolio consultant, promoting ePortfolios through diverse communication channel, holding workshops to help students and faculty to better utilize ePortfolios, and giving presentations on my own ePortfolio experiences to  classes to allow more people to find and take advantages of the endless benefits of an ePortfolio.


Carl Legitime - My name is Carl Legitime and I have always marched by my own tune, especially when it comes to my enjoyment of economics and philosophy.



Sidrah BaigI am a Psychology major at Stony Brook University, in hopes to one day become a psychologist. I've always loved to help people out when they've needed it the most, so I thought I should do it for a living.  I've undertaken experiments along with my studies. Doing research and finding out new things about how the mind works has always intrigued me. I want to continue doing research throughout my schooling and career.


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DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.