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Career and Internship


Who Should You Have a Career and Internship ePortfolio?

Whether you've successfully created an academic ePortfolio, have completed an internship, or are simply contemplating how to best document your professional experience, a Career and Internship ePortfolio can help you demonstrate your skill set to employers online and inside the interview room.


So, What's the Difference Between Academic ePortolios and Career ePortfolios?

A career and internship ePortfolio is focused on highlighting your experience to not only employers, but to graduate and medical schools. It demonstrates that you are a proactive, ambitious, and reflective individual. You'll want to emphasize not only your achievements, but how they fit into your long-term goals, how you overcame obstacles, and, ultimately, how you can utilize your experiences to jump ahead in your career.


Some steps you should consider as you design your ePortfolio are:

Address what you initially wanted to gain out of your experiences 



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Messiah College Portfolios

Click the link below to find examples of various career and internship focused portfolios. Notice how these students addressed their 'learning objectives' and summarized their internships.





University of Washington Portfolios

Human Centered Design & Engineering students at the University of Washington create these portfolios for their senior study project. Click the link below to view how these students document their projects.




Creating A Work Portfolio

Incorporating your portfolio into an interview, article for engineering/comp sci grads


"The best way to incorporate your portfolio into the interview is during the typical give-and-take of conversation. Some students, before actually pulling out their portfolio, are afraid that the interviewer won’t want to see their samples or will be bored by then. Not likely. 'However...don’t present the portfolio until a relevant question comes up. When it does, open it saying, ‘I have an example of that [skill being questioned].’ When finished, close the portfolio and wait for the next question.'"




DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.