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ePortfolio Consultants' Model ePortfolios

Emily Madsen "I grew up on my family's oyster farm out in Discovery Bay, Washington. The nearest town to Discovery Bay is Port Townsend, which is located on the northeastern end of the Olympic Peninsula (about sixty miles east of Seattle). I spent most of my time following my dad around, listening to him talk about algae, oysters, diatoms, and how they all fit into the ocean's larger ecosystems. My childhood is undoubtedly the root of my continuing fascination with marine science. "


Linda Milano "I am a Business major specializing in Marketing and minoring in Journalism at Stony Brook University. I am a member of the Spirit of Stony Brook Marching Band where I play the clarinet. I have learned so much throughout my first semester as a Digital Media and ePortfolio Consultant and I look forward to working with the team to promote ePortfolio use campus wide!"

Junaid Rajani "I am a sophomore Biochemistry major at Stony Brook University. I enjoy learning and teaching. I am in the College of Leadership and Service and have been an instructor for both LDS 101, Intro to Stony Brook, and CHE 130, General Chemistry, classes. I am a big film enthusiast and I love watching movies! My future goal is to go to Dental School and eventually become a Periodontist. This is my first semester as an Digital Media and ePortfolio Consultant and I am looking forward to helping new ePortfolio users start and maintain their digital identity!"


Dillon Winegar "I am a junior year Business major, specializing in Marketing, and Digital Arts Minor at Stony Brook.  This is my first semester as a Digital Media and ePortfolio Consultant and so far it has been a blast!"


Daniel Ahmadizadeh "Daniel is a junior in the college of business specializing in marketing and finance. He is the founder of the Stony Brook Quidditch team and current head manager of the Stony Brook Men’s Basketball team. Daniel is a member of Phi Delta Epsilon and works as a Resident Assistant in Yang Hall. Additionally, he is the Marketing Manager for Studio 360- Architecture and Design."


Alicia Elliott "I’m a sophomore studying Engineering Science with a specialization in Environmental Engineering. I have been a teaching assistant for SBC 114, Physical Geography Lab, and hope to TA engineering classes in upcoming semesters. I’m also a peer mentor for the College of Engineering and Applies Sciences."

Harshdeep Banwait is an Engineering major specializing in Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering as well as Engineering Management. He is actively involved with the Stony Brook campus, Prezi, ePortfolio and open to learning anything new.

Rachel Koeth is a doctoral student in music at Stony Brook University. She is a teaching assistant for the Department of Music, a chamber musician, a soloist and an orchestral musician. Video performances, upcoming concerts, work experience and general information can be found on her ePortfolio.

Joseph Nowak "My name is Joseph Nowak,  I am a hard working and devoted person. At the age of 17 I graduated from High School with my advanced regents diploma along with finishing among the top of my class in Eastern Suffolk BOCES Suffolk Aviation Center with my license as an aircraft Maintenance Technician. One year later I completed my Associates with Vaughn College of Aeronautics and Technology in Aviation Maintenance. Currently I am a Junior majoring in Engineering Science With a specialization in Mechanical Engineering at Stony Brook University."

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.