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DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.

Example of ePortfolio Requirements Description for Course Syllabus

ePortfolio Requirements.docx

ePortfolio Course Requirements

You must have an eportfolio and all assignments are posted in your eportfolio with the assignment tile, description, process, assignment, and reflection.  If you have an eportfolio from another course, add a new column with the course number and include your postings and reflections in that section.   Your project or assignment is not complete until you have posted the all required components with reflection in your eportfolio.  Completion of your eportfolio is worth specified points and you can NOT pass the course without a complete eportfolio.


ePortfolio Posts must include

1.  Description of project
2.  Process of completing project
3.  Project
4.  Reflection
5.  Resources
6.  Supporting multimedia (images and video)


Inquiry and Refection Prompts

When you post your assignment (artifact) to your eportfolio, the assignment is NOT complete without the reflection component.  Answer the questions below. Be brief with reflection, but make the content meaningful.  

1.  How would you describe this project, event, or assignment to your friends?  

2.  What did you learn (skills and knowledge) from the project, event, or assignment?

3.  How are you able to apply what you discovered and learned to other areas of your life?

4.  What was your favorite aspect of this project, event, or assignment?

5.  What risks did you take with this project, event, or assignment?

6.  What problems did you encounter?

7.  If you could do it over again, would you and what would you do or change?

8.  What would you like to learn further about this subject, discipline, or professional field?

ePortfolio Consultants will be available to guide you through the eportfolio requirements.   Visit the ePortfolio Lab, Room P-121, 1st Floor of the Physics Building.  Hours will be announced.  You can email eportfolio@stonybrook.edu for help. 


Find support and instructions for creating your eportfolio at https://stonybrook.digication.com/eportfolio-help

To view examples of model Stony Brook eportfolios go to

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.