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 Anna Sklyarova is an undergraduate student at Stony Brook University double majoring in the Honors Business and Studio Art Programs. In her e-Portfolio you can see her fresman business report, her intermediate writing workshop, course work from Journalism and also her artwork. Anna also talks a lot about herself and her interests. She has changed the layout of her e-Portfolio which tells us about her interest in art and design.
  Ryan Earle N. Ong is a freshman at Stony Brook University studying business and he dreams to become a successful businessman in future. Ryan was grown up in Philippines and loves sports and gym. In his e-Portfolio we can find his freshman business report and writing 102 portfolio. He also has a short bio and his resume. Ryan loves to learn and he wants to take evey opportunity Stony Brook University can offer him.
  Kimberly Barrera is a University Scholar majoring in business management. She is in the Business Leaders Program which is the exclusive business program for high-achieving freshman. Kimberly has been participating is different school activities from her high school years. She was part of many clubs and Concert Choir in her high school. She also got to travel a lot due to her school involvement and she has helped in many community service programs.  
  Joseph Zhu is an undergraduate student at Stony Brook University studying business. He is fond of swimming and had been swimming for seven years. During his high school he and his team mates posted one of the top three times of Long Island in the 200 Medley relay. Joseph has been moving a lot in United States and he intends to go to Hardvard school of Business for his master's degree. In his e-Portfolio he has his freshman business report, writing 102 portfolio, news literacy and his resume.
DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.