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Derek Muzio talks about his goals and leadership, "Leadership to me is definitely a big priority for me to be good at. I see leadership as a way of life that can make you stand out in a group of people and help motivate them and  help keep the group on track in order to succeed. If you are a good leader and can help groups succeed whether it is just in life or in the corporate world you are going to be a huge influence."... Read more about Derek
 Janice Li writes about herself and the major she chose at Stony Brook University, "Although I began college without knowing which field of business I would be specializing in, I have decided to specialize in marketing. I feel that marketing is the right field for me because it is an interesting and broad field of business that allows me to explore and interact with others to think of ways to please clients and the public. However, I am still young! I still have quite a few years of education to complete, and I am not definite on marketing- my opinion and field of interest may change throughout the years."... Read more to know about Janice
 Alicia Weathers writes, "Although I have a great passion for math, I am always listening to music, whether it be on my iPod, computer, or just in my head. I have been interested in music my entire life. Growing up my family has always found ways to portray music to me. In fourth grade I learned how to play the bass clarinet and then later on learned the clarinet and the bari-saxophone."... Click to see Alicia's ESG100 assignments.
  Mo Lam talks about his computer skills, "I can use perl script to do database manipulation, file handling, html outputing, css outputs, session/cookie handling and more, but I use PHP more often because I am unwilling to pay for a server so I am shifting my scripts everywhere and as cgi language, perl is not good for that reason."... Read more about Mo Lam's talent.
 Christian Bautista says,"I am a well-rounded person with several talents in academics, athletics, and music. I love being active, whether its playing football and basketball or going to the weight room on a regular basis. I also play several instruments including the piano and the drums. My friends and I back home would often get together and record music together and we would play several shows."... Read more about Christian's WRT-102 class and his freshman business report.
 Arianna Warner writes, "Family is very important to me and I take an enormous amount of pride in my heritage. I'm Mexican-American and really enjoy exploring traditional Mexican culture. My favorite holiday is Dia de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead), because the holiday is about celebrating the life of your ancestors that have passed. It's a once a year reminder about where you came from, and the importance of family. This is who I am and that is what my art shows.".... Read more about Arianna.
 Elizabeth Foley (this ePortfolio is currently unavailable) states, "Elizabeth grew up in Nassau County, NY and now resides in Suffolk County, NY. Her education started at Nassau County Community College where she received her Associates degree in Computer Science. After NCCC, Elizabeth attended St. John's University where she graduated with her Bachelors degree in Computer Science. She is now attending Stony Brook University where she is studying for her Masters in Technology in Education and also an advanced Certificate through Professional Development."
DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.