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 Andrew Chung talks about his interest in basketball and he also has his assignments from ESG 100 course and labs from ESG 111 course. Andrew says, "I'm Taiwanese-American.I'm a big fan of RnB & Hip Hop. My favorite artists are Ne-Yo and Lee Carr. I watch and play basketball. Basketball is literally my life. The one thing I really want is for the Houston Rockets to win a championship during my lifetime." Read more about Andrew

  Christina Neroth wants to become a doctor and she likes social sciences. In her e-Portfolio she mentions, "My goal is to eventually be a doctor and to join an organization such as Doctors Without Borders.  Even though my goal is to be a doctor, I really love the social sciences which is why I will soon declare my major as either American Studies or Asian and Asian American Studies and declare a minor in Biology. In high school, I researched for the Intel Science Talent Search competition in the Behavioral and Social Sciences category. My research involved the effect of the increase of obesity in America on the proliferation of the black market organ trade in America." Read more
  Erik Perez documents his assignments from ESG 100 course in his e-Portfolio and says, "I am a Stonybrook student in the ESG program in the process of working on a  degree in engineering science with a concentraion in project managment." Read more
  Jessica Zhang has her Freshman Business Report and her WRT 102 assignments in her e-Portfolio. In her about me he mentions, "I am Jessica Zhang and I have the best of both worlds. Born and raised in NYC, I am a first generation American and the first to go to college in my family. I came to Stony Brook University with heavy weights on my shoulders because success is my goal and the dream many people set upon me." Read more about Jessica

Myunggun (Paul) Cheon has his Freshman Business Report, WRT 102 assignments and News Literacy in his e-Portfolio. In his About me, Paul mentions, "I enjoy challenging myself physically and mentally and try to keep an open mind about trying new things.I tackle life with this enthusiasm. I joined the bowling team without ever having bowled in my life, ran as soon as doctors said I could, went to the gym once I could lift a weight, and solved Rubik's Cubes, rode unicycles, and smashed obstacles all along the way." Read more

  Ryan Mulqueen talks about his interest in reading and science, "Those bedtime stories explain my love for novels, but what about my love for science? Well that started (as I imagine it does with most youngsters) with one thing: dinosaurs. There's one moment of magic that comes to mind. In Jurrassic Park when Professor Grant stands up in his car as they watch in awe as a Brontosaurus slowly walks past. From dinosaurs it developed much, much further. This development was greatly expidited when I discovered "The Magic School Bus" and the antics of Bill Nye the Science Guy. By watching their experiments on television, I started doing experiments of my own." Read more
  Stephanie Zucchi talks about her interests in reading, fashion and cooking. She mentions, "I have a passion for ancient peoples and the ruins they left behind, and I want to leave my impression upon the remnants of lost cities. There is something so amazing about standing before something so great and feeling so very small. I want to do it all and see as much as I can and walk as many miles possible in a pair of beaten down boots." Read more
DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.