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Aman Mundra is a pre- medical student majoring in biology who is in University Scholars. He is an outstanding student who participates in the University Scholars Council. Aman's ePortfolio showcases his course work. You can find his WRT 102 porfolio in which he includes his research paper about affirmative action. This exceptional essay gives a good look into the subject. Check him out to find more about his classes and what he does here.



Christopher Guan is a freshman in the University's Business Leadership Program. He has a passion for International Business and hopes that it can take him all over the world and become an international importer/exporter.he was an active member of many clubs throughout high school. He has many interesting hobbies including playing the cello. Check him out here.




 Dominic Cerasi is a sports player. Throughout high school he played many sports including lacrosse. he is now on the Men's Lacrosse team in Stony Brook University.  In his eportfolio he shows his mission statement, logo, and personal values. Dominic has his course work that includes his term project as well as reflections. Learn more about our school athlete here.




Joann Wongvravit  is an employee of TLT here at Stony brook as a Help Desk Senior Consultant. She has had a few internship including one that took her to Thailand where she shadowed doctors. Joann is a part of the Kappa Phi Lambda sorority and through that has held many leadership roles. Learn more about this leader here!



Jess Oney is a Residential Advisor in the new Yang building. She has gone through a whole array of majors finally settling on Political Science and Women's Studies. She has worked as an intern at the Center for Prevention Outreach Center. She has been drawn to women and children's health education and hopes to start a nonprofit organization. Read more about her and her dreams here.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.