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 Jenny Wu is a Business management major at Stony Brook University and in the Business Leaders Program. She is a part of the Community Service Club. Like many other college students she does miss her family at home a lot. In order to keep from getting home sick she tries to go home every other weekend. You can find Jenny's WRT 102 portfolio, News literacy, and Freshman Business  Report on her ePortfolio.

 Hanna Park is an international student who came to the United States after graduating high school. She initially went to college in California as an Accounting major. She found this field to difficult and switched to Finance. She transferred to Stony Brook University. She finds it hard to adjust to new York because she has become accustomed to the nice weather and lower living expenses of California. Find out about Hanna's journey here.


 Joseph Zhu was the captain of his swim team during his high school senior year and is currently swimming for Stony Brook University. he graduated high school with honors. Joseph hopes to one day fulfill a career as a financial analyst. He also hopes to do his Master's in Harvard business School. His academics page under bio is a tribute to his memorable teachers and facts about his career as a student. Get to know Joseph better here



Jesse Brown is a Business Management major in the Business Leaders Program. He has an internship with the Stony Brook Athletics Department as a marketing intern. Jesse also works part time as a waiter at Ruby Tuesday. Throughout high school he was an active member in many clubs and organizations.  Jesse lives an active lifestyle and like to play and do different sports throughout the year including surfing and snowboarding. Find out more about his life here.



Abigail Abesamis is a freshman at Stony Brook University and is an English major. She has been playing the violin for ten years. Abigail enjoys sharing the joy of music with others on stage. She has hopes of applying to medical school eventually. She sees herself as both a realist and a dreamer. She likes to learn new things even if it does not directly affect her. Abigail has worked in a lab for ten months. She also loves to write in her spare time. Learn how both her dreamer and realistic side collide to make the person she is here.

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