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ESG 100: Introduction to Engineering Science

An overview of the development and application of engineering principles in response to social, industrial, and environmental problems from ancient times to the present. Engineering methods and theory through case studies and real-world applications. Creativity and problem solving techniques of modern engineering through participation in a design project as well as learning through analyses of engineering disasters.



ESM 213: Studies in Nanotechnology


The emerging field of nanotechnology develops solutions to engineering problems by taking advantage of the unique physical and chemical properties of nanoscale materials. This interdisciplinary, co-taught course introduces materials and nano-fabrication methods with applications to electronics, biomedical, mechanical and environmental engineering. Guest speakers and a semester project involve ethics, toxicology, economic and business implications of nanotechnology. Basic concepts in research and design methodology and characterization techniques will be demonstrated. Course is cross-listed as BME 213, MEC 213, and EST 213 and is required for the Minor in Nanotechnology Studies (NTS).


REU/SRI: Nanotechnology for Health, Energy and the Environment REU Program Summer Research Institute.
This is an opportunity for qualified, academically talented and motivated undergraduates interested in application of nanotechnology and nanomaterials to societal needs in health, energy and the environment. The program gives students an intensive research experience with leading researchers in the field.


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DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.