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Engineering Science


ESG 100


Dana Angelo - I have posted some of my assignments from my Engineering Science courses. I also have a gallery with some photographs I have taken that turned out really great (no photo shop). Enjoy!


Eda Charmaine Gimenez - I have fun with almost everything I do and, as a result, I like to experience new adventures.  From drawing and attempting to compose music at home to mountain climbing and hiking outdoors, the things I enjoy vary.  Being young, I like to play sports like tennis, badminton, and riflery. And, although I sound pretty active and like to be productive, trust me, I know how to relax to life's sweet surrender.


Harshdeep Banwait - I am an international undergraduate student majoring in Mechanical Engineering at Stony Brook University. This is my fourth semester here and I simply love the school and the faculty. I love 3-D desgining, I love cars and I really wish to design my own car and launch it in the market one day.


Angela M. Horstman - I am an undergraduate at Stony Brook university working towards a double major in Applied Mathematics and Statistics and Engineering Science with a specialization in Mechanical Engineering. I have always had a deep love of building things and learning how they work.


Sheri Bossong - I am a Junior at Stony Brook University as an Engineering Science major with a specialization in Environmental Engineering. This has been a passion of mine for a long time, and I want to work with renewable energy.  No one in my family has ever been an engineer.  My involvment in the Environmental Club brings me fulfillment socially and through my major course of study.


Joseph Nowak- I am currently a Sophmore at Stony Brook University.  Currently I am majoring in Engineering Science with a specialization in Mechanical Engineering.  I plan on continuing my education with further engineering degrees in in renewable energies, aeronautics, and/or Marine/Ocean.

In the Spotlight ePortfolio


Ryan Stahl- I am a passionate mathematican, and am always willing to help others learn how to apply mathematics to various situations and topics. I graduated from Islip High School and am now attending Stony Brook University for Mechanical Engineering. I have always have been passionate about Mathematics and have tutored numerous people, in various topics of mathematics, since high school.


 Lisa Pesok - I create sounds, artwork, solutions, designs. I am a musician,  a designer. Ambitious, curious about everything. I want to be an ENGINEER.


ESG 201


Oleg Shayko - My name is Oleg Shayko. I am 20 years old immigrant from Minsk, Belarus. I moved to the United States in 1999 and have lived in New York City since than. I currently attend SUNY Stony Brook University and i am an Engineering Science major with a specilization in Biotechnology. I Have been very good with mathematics and figuring out how things work since I was young so I decided to major in something that suits my talents.



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