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The First Year Experience Digital Stories


Experience what it's like to be a freshman at Stony Brook and hear what our featured digital story producers have to share about their first year as a Seawolf. Also take some time to browse through their model eportfolios. Catch a bit of Seawolf pride! 


Here are some Stony Brook Student examples from several LDS 102 courses:


2012, LDS 102 - London and Wozniak

Leanne Beyel - To me, the most important lessons learned throughout these experiences were to savor the simple memories, enjoy every second of life, and take nothing for granted.


Jin Soo Kim - Knowing your own preferences and learning about other people can help you understand what your strengths are, what kinds of work you might enjoy, and how people with different preferences can relate to one another and contribute to society.Only viewable within the Stony Brook University Community


Troy Kremidas - It I am bored, i will make a video because this was a lot of fun to do.Only viewable within the Stony Brook University Community


Christopher Tam My name is Christopher Tam and my digital story is on healthy living. The reasons I chose this topic is because I want to look like Bruce Lee, stay fit and increase my overall health.Only viewable within the Stony Brook University Community


Daniel Gibbons With my digital story, though dancing doesn't  have as much relation towards my desired profession as would be preferred, it still  is a major part of my life, and the most significant reason why I am who I am today. Without it, I might not have even had the courage to take on such a difficult major.


Dren Kullashi - In college, learning is completely different. I learned this, because I took Chemistry both in high school and college. In high school, getting an A required the understanding of certain formulas. But in college, formulas come second and concepts come first. In order to get an A, I had to visualize the chemistry, not the formula. This experience introduced me to the reason why college even exists; that is, for the understanding of topics that one can apply in their job.


Evan Liu - The digital story project is a video where you explain to others using your own voice with a complementary musical background about something you would like to share with others. The presentation is different from any other forms of presentation because it tells the whole story rather than half of it like in a PowerPoint presentation. In this project, I talked about my future goal in life. I came to Stony Brook not knowing what career I wanted to pursue but in the end, I decided that I would want to be in the medical field.

Nicole Garcia - My freshman year came quick and left even faster. Even though this year flew by, I grew so much as a person because of all the new people I met, the new environment, and the new daily regimen. I've made so many memories, and there are so much more to come, because this is just the beginning.

*Nicole captured what it's like to be a freshman girl.  WONDERFUL VIDEO!  It took me back ... way back to my days at Ohio State" - Nancy Wozniak


Dillon Winegar - My First Year at Stony Brook - I decided to take a comedic approach to the video. The "Things People Say" videos have recently been very popular among students. The video contains all of the necessary elements, and will hopefully inspire other students to participate in the competition.
Candace Chabza and Kathleen Kaiser, Faculty


Yi Wan Wu - I was born with a physical defect. Many people believed that I wouldn’t survive. However, I made it through and grew into a healthy optimistic girl. Ten months ago, I graduated from FDS High School. I came to Stony Brook University with my family's expectation and a dream. Everything was new to me. I was a carefree girl who explored my journey with courage and curiosity. I enjoyed my new school life. Suddenly, I felt pressure that I could not handle multiple tasks. What should I do? How can I become an outstanding student? Tons of questions were in my mind. I was confused. Only viewable within the Stony Brook Community.


Steven Lundi - College Paradise - My freshman year in Stony Brook University

Find out what I learned, what I experienced and how I brought it all home in my digital story. Enjoy!

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