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Carlos Urbina - I am an Economics major and a member of Stony Brook University's division I soccer team. Soccer has always been my passion, and I have been gifted by being able to perform it at a very high level which has given me a very successful soccer career. I  am a goalkeeper, and I have played for Venezuela's under 16, 17,18 and 19 National Teams, which is the greatest honor a soccer player can have, to represent your country.


Sidrah Baig - "I am a Psychology major at Stony Brook University, in hopes to one day become a psychologist. I've always loved to help people out when they've needed it the most, so I thought I should do it for a living."


Stephanie Tarricone - "Please feel free to explore the various pages I have provided with information about myself, my academic career, my experiences, and the future I am working towards."


Graziano Rotellini - "I am a rare case at Stony Brook in that I work full time and go to school full time. Currently I am employed as the Vice President of Commerce Spring Corp. During my down time I am extremely involved in several charities including the Boomer Esiason Foundation and the Breathe Believe Foundation."


Shirley Lin - "My name is Shirley Lin and I'm currently enrolled in Stony Brook University to pursue my career in nursing. What an oppurtunity it would be to perform miracles on a daily basis through just a pinch of nurture and attention."


Philip Dong - My longterm career goal is to become an occupational therapist. An OT assesses, plans, organizes, and participates in rehabilitative programs that help restore vocational, homemaking, and daily living skills, as well as general independence, to disabled people. It's a very rewarding job where I get to make a profound difference in someone's life. I mean, helping someone who was barely able to walk be able to run is an amazing feat which I want to do some day.


Mehtasim Mahfuz - When I first came to SBU, I was originally Pre-Law.  However, I realized that there was something about medicine that excited me; I still can't place my finger on it but I do know that I want to be a doctor someday. My fields of interest include Neurology and Cardiology.


Jarrit Davidson - I listen to music in different langauges.  I really believe music is universal, and I think it's amazing that i can feel the emotions in a song without even knowing what the artist is saying. This is why music facinates me, because it's something that bonds humans together. There's so many barriers that we place on humans communicating in society because of differences, feeling music that's in a different langauage shows me that those barriers don't have to exist. We can still empathize with people even if they don't speak our language.


Nick Kiviat - I'm from Weston, CT and graduated from Weston High School, class of 2010. I ran track my junior and senior year and we won our class state championship both those years. I received All-State honors senior year for the 4x800m. I enjoy watching football and basketball. My favorite professional teams are the Oakland Raiders and the Boston Celtics. Here at Stony Brook, I play intramural football and basketball.


Tenzing Nepali - I was born and raised in the capital city of Nepal, Kathmandu. However, I also do have a Tibetan background as both my father and mother were born in Tibet and later moved to Nepal. I spent most of my childhood learning basic business skills from my father as he went about with his Rug Business, which explains my inspiration to venture out in the business world. After finishing my highschool in Nepal, I moved to U.S at the age of 18 to gain a rich experience and view the world from a different perspective.
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Allison Zelnick - I have been a student athlete my entire life, being extremely involved in competitive swimming. Swimming has helped develop my drive to succeed, and my dedication to commitments I have made, which has always been one of my greatest traits noticed  by others within my community. I am a very easy going person.  I don't have problems working with groups of people or individually.  I'm very appreciative of literature and art.  I enjoy working hard to reach goals in in life, whether its for myself or for a team.

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Omari MosesI was born and raised in the twin island republic of Trinidad and Tobago, while living there I gained a love for life and a strong belief of equality amongst all. I moved to the United States to further my education in the health field, enabling me to help others. I have a strong background in Biological research and internships, I have presented the findings from my research project at several conferences across the US and have recieved an award of excellence. Possessing a never lose attitude I refuse to give up and admit defeat when facing a brick wall.


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