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 Model ePortfolios by Internship and Career



Joseph Nowak - (Aircraft Mechanic Training and Experience)  I am currently a Sophmore at Stony Brook University.  Currently I am majoring in Engineering Science with a specialization in Mechanical Engineering.  I plan on continuing my education with further engineering degrees in in renewable energies, aeronautics, and/or Marine/Ocean.  

In the Spotlight ePortfolio


Soma Majumder - My name is Soma Majumder and I am a senior in Stony Brook University. I am a Health Science major concentrating on Healthcare Management as well as having a Business Management minor.  I am a very outgoing, loyal, dedicated leader who loves helping people and caring for others. I’m artistic and outspoken, with a mind of my own. I am focused and driven because I know to reach my dreams I must persevere. I’ve realized my aspirations and am dedicated and focused to my cause. Some of my aspirations are to become a Public Relations Director, get my MBA, travel the world, and own a house. Some activities that I like to do in my free time are biking, painting, reading fantasy novels, and catching up with friends.


Ahrum Kim - I am currently studying in MAB program at Stony Brook University. I received my B.A. in Law from Konkuk University in Korea and my second B.A. in Economics from Stony Brook University. Besides being a student, I am also an Resident Assistant and work under the Campus Residences at SBU. As a student leader, I  help campus residents to have wonderful campus life and housing experience. Also I currently work at The Faculty Center at SBU.  I perform as an ePortfolio consultant, promoting ePortfolios through diverse communication channel, holding workshops to help students and faculty to better utilize ePortfolios, and giving presentations on my own ePortfolio experiences to  classes to allow more people to find and take advantages of the endless benefits of an ePortfolio.


Information and Technology Internship

Gustavo Galarza - I was born in Lima, Peru and grew up in Westchester County.  I graduated from Port Chester High School class of 1999.  I never pictured myself attending a University like Stony Brook.  I am a senior at Stony Brook University. My Major is Information Systems with a Specialization in Business and Economics. I am graduating in December of 2012.  My time here has definitely giving me opportunities to advance my career in Information Systems. It is my hope to finish my education with success and know that all the effort and sacrifice was worth it because my goal is to use my skills in technology to benefit society in some way.

SBU Television Internship

Amorita R. Davidson - I am a hardworking and enthusiastic studen with a background in Biology making the transition into Media via a second major in Cinema and Cultural Studies. My studies in Biology allowed me to refine my analytical, teamwork and communication skills. I am seeking opportunities in Media for a practical application of my second major but a combination of the two fields would also be appreciated.

TLT Internship

Parth Pancholi - A health sciences major who is pre-med and currently an EMT with many talents and interests. "I am looking to pursue a Private Pilot License in aviation as a hobby."

Rosemarie Alessi, faculty


Shayla Ramos - A glimpse into what is important about life- music, friends, culture, community and honesty.


Jim Yee - Through all 19 years of my life, I can say that external influences can change life remarkably. In my case, due to great support from friends and beloved family members, I have decided to become a pediatrician since the age of nine. Ever since, I can only think of methods that can help me strive to reach my dreams, both academically and by physical life experiences.  Rosemarie Alessi, Faculty

Amira Hodes- I am currently a sophmore at Stony Brook University double majoring in Political Science and Psycology.  I hope to one day become a child advocay lawyer or a special victims prosecuter.  I want to represent those who do not have a strong voice in our society, so that they too can be heard.  I am extremely interested in human right, or lack thereof in many places in the world, and I intend on going into the peace corp when I graduate to that I can have a small part in perhaps making someone's life a little bit better.
Rosemarie Alessi, Faculty


Ryan Stahl - I am a passionate mathematican, and am always willing to help others learn how to apply mathematics to various situations and topics. My passion for mathematics has led me to aspire to be a great engineer because engineers are problem solvers of the world whose solutions are founded upon mathematics.

Rosemarie Alessie, Faculty


Faculty Center Internship

Harshdeep Banwait - Media and ePortfolio Student Consultant.  I am an international undergraduate student majoring in Mechanical Engineering at Stony Brook University. This is my fourth semester here and I simply love the school and the faculty. I love 3-D desgining, I love cars and I really wish to design my own car and launch it in the market one day.
Nancy Wozniak - faculty

Marketing Internship

Chaz Wilson - I want to settle into a career that I love; whatever that career may be, I will continue to learn from peers, collegues, and even those younger than me. It's good to be the best at what you do, but once you become the best you cannot stop your learning process.

Kimberly Dixon, faculty

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