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Information Technology Studies Model ePortfolios 


ITS 102

Kai Chen "Everything you can find around you are related to machines. Mechanical Engineering is one kind of engineerings  that studys the analysis, design, manufacturing, and maintenance of mechanical systems."


Katiuska Daniela Pulgar Prieto "I am also very intrigued by the issue on the preservation of the environment and new alternative methods that are created to generate sustainable energy.  I am mostly interested in household methods [including low-income households] of alternative energy that can allow daily waste products to be converted into energy, rather than having to use fossil fuels that are already seen in scarcity and are becoming very expensive rapidly."

Yousef Elsendiony "Hi my name is Yousef Elsendiony, I am currently a freshman studying electrical engineering at Stony Brook University. I love being challenged and creating things so engineering was my primary interest. Outside of school, I enjoy playing soccer, basketball, and exploring the outside world."

Kyle Olsen "I am a Mechanical Engineer and using my knowledge and abilities I will redefine the automotive industry."

Xuerong Wu "I am a student majoring in Biochemistry at Stony Brook University. I want to do many things. But one of my main goals is to become a physician. I want to have the power to save lives. I have taken a step on that path and am slowly working on reaching that goal."

Michael Lebrecht "I am currently studying physics and mathematics as an undergraduate student at Stony Brook University. As for a future, I'm not sure of what career I would like to take part in. I also have a strong liking  ofchemistry and other science related subjects. One of my dreams is to obtain a PHD in either physics or mathematics. My greatest dream is to be part of something that will change the world."

Aaron Doucett "I am a meteorology student at Stony Brook University. My interests include playing jazz music (piano), sailing, weather, computers/technology, web design, and competitive rowing. I am a member of the Crew and Sailing teams at Stony Brook. I also preform in the Stony Brook jazz combo group."


Qing YIN "I love nature... I love animals... I love all creatures... Today, our mother earth becomes more and more fragile because of we human beings' improper actions. We should get together to protect our earth to make it more beautiful!"

Yiqing Han "I am a student majoring mechanical engineering at Stony Brook University. I hope I can learn everything I need to become a professional mechanical engineer here. I want to have the power and knowledge to control machines in the future and use the power to help the society."

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.