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Philip Yam's inspiration is Donald Trump who is a self made billionaire and a great leader. Philip is a Junior at Stony Brook University double majoring in Business Management (specilized in Finance) and Psychology and double minioring in Leadership Development and Cineman and Cultural Studies. Philip says that his reason to choose so many majors and minors is because he aims to pursue his career in a diverse field and at present there are many things that interest him.

 Herman Kalsi aims to attend a medical school after he graduates from Stony Brook University and become a primary care physician. Herman is a senior at SBU majoring in Biology and minor in South Asian Studies. He will be graduating in May 2011 with highest honors. Herman says that he was an average kid with average interests but after he joined the Boy Scouts he had a different perspective of life. Take a look at his ePortfolio to learn his goals.
  Kevin O'Rourke is a freshman at Stony Brook University majoring in English. Kevin has a passion of writing and he likes writing short stories and small novels. He is also interested in fliming/editing, animation and art. In his e-Portfolio, he has his websites where his works are published. Kevin also loves video games, sports and fish. He says that he used to spend hours looking at fishes on fish tank at Petco.
 Christian Bautista is currently majoring in business at Stony Brook University and after completion of his undergraduate studies, he hopes to earn graduate degree and work in the entertainment business. Chistain has many interests like football, basketball, playing piano and drums. Christain is a believer of hard-work and he loves challenges in his life. 
  Janice Li is a freshman at Stony Brook University majoring in business. She is in the program called "Business Leadership Program" which is an honors program for students who are pursuing a career in business. Janice is interested in marketing and would like to make it her career.
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